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What are the various sections within a Front Office department? – Hotel Management | Grade XI

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Chapter – 3: Front Office Department

Short Answer Questions

  1. What are the various sections within a Front Office department? Illustrate with the chart. [5]

Ans: The division and specialization of the Front Office depends upon the size of the Hotel. In a big hotel it contains different departments, units and each one does specialized jobs, whereas in a small hotel a receptionist is responsible for the total jobs of front office.

Front Office Organization Hierarchy of a Large Hotel

  1. Reservation: This unit in the hotel handles the pre-registration of a guest. They block the room requested by individual guests, or by agents, etc. and maintains the proper record. In a small hotel this department does the agreement regarding special rate, but in big hotel marketing department does rates and special agreement. In some hotels this unit may be set up under the marketing department. It maintains close relation with Reception and with housekeeping department and engineering department and maintains the proper of saleable rooms. It informs the account about the special room rate, collection process, credit facilities, etc.
  2. Reception: This unit receives guest upon their arrival, registers all the necessary information form guest and allocates rooms. The receptionist also manages the room key. He also works as nerve system. He receives message for the guest and informs the guest. He handles the guest problems and complaints. It maintains close relation with bellboys to handle guest baggage and with housekeeping department for the amenities to be placed in the room, and with the kitchen to order the food, if any.
  3. Registration: This section works in very close relation with reception. Registration is the act of recording necessary information related to guests. It is mandatory to maintain a record of hotel guest, as it is the source of information to the government or the local authority to watch the movement of people in the country.
  4. Information: A big hotel may have separate department to handle information. This department receives and maintains proper security of guest room key. They provide information about the city, events, and functions. For this purpose they keep in close contact with bell boys. In some hotels travel desk does the function of information unit to assist guests in making travel plan and booking flight ticket.
  5. Telephone/ Operator/ Exchange: This section handles all incoming calls and maintains a record of international calls for billing purpose.
  6. Lobby: In big hotel lobby is managed under the lobby Manager. He is assisted by Bell captain. He is responsible for guest relation, and business centers, travel desks, concierge located in the lobby area.

The size, sections, units, and number of staffs depends upon the size and type of business of the hotel.

  1. Explain the Check in procedures. [5]

Ans: The hotel check-in process starts from guest arrival at the hotel. The job includes welcome ad receive, registration, room assign and placing the baggage in their room. The job is completed by doorman, bellboys, receptionist, information and lobby manager. A general process of check-in process is given below.

1st step: The very first step is to greet and receive the guest by doorman. He receives and buzz the bell to inform the bellboys at the bell desk.

2nd step: By receiving the buzz the rush to help the guest with their luggage. He greets the guest and makes them to feel comfortable as if they have arrived to their home. Collects the baggage, count them and lead guest to the reception.

3rd step: Guest contact at the counter and completes the registration process, information desk provides necessary information, welcome process is completed. Then room key and Errand card is handed to bellboys.

4th step: Bellboy lead the guest to their room.

5th step: Bellboy opens the guest room, place the guest baggage at right places and brief about the light, AC, TV, music, internal locking and other facilities available in the room.

6th step: Officer any other services as per guest request.

7th step: Bellboy reports back to the reception and bell desk.

  1. Explain the Check-out procedures. [5]

Ans: The check-out is the important job of hotel business. It covers up all the shortfalls and motivate guest to re-visit again. The job check-out involves leaving the room, bringing down the luggage, clearing the bill, loading of the baggage in the vehicle and final see off. The job is completed by bellboy, room service, housekeeping, cashier, lobby manager and doorman.

General procedure of check-out is given below:

1st step: The bellboy receives the call from the room. He note down the room no. inform the casher to prepare the bill, receives the Departure Errand Card and proceed to the room.

2nd step: Knock the guest room and only enter the room. Look around the room for any guest articles that should not be forget to pack. Help guest to pack their luggage. At the same time check the damage, lost, misplace of hotel property. Switch off the light systems. Collect the room key and depart form room letting the guest lead the way.

3rd step: Please the luggage at the bell desk and help the guest to clear the bill. Fill up the Errand Card and key to the reception.

4th step: After guest clearing the bill bellboy takes the baggage out the porch, count and load into the transport. Doorman will help for farewell and wish for a happy journey back.

5th step: Report back to the bell desk.

Hotel is a service business so all the activities must be performed very nicely so that guest feels comfortable and will visit again.

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