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Important Questions Answer of Hotel Management – Chapter 2 | Grade XI

Table of Contents

Introduction To Hotel

Short Answer Questions

  1. Explain the Types of catering establishment. [5]

Ans: The word catering is from the word “cater” which means to serve. Catering refers to food and drinks service. Catering Industry is sometimes referred to as hospitality industry providing food, drinks and in certain section accommodation also. Modern catering not only includes food but it also includes “environment” that is food for pleasure, food for pleasure, food for test, etc.

There are number of ways of classifying catering operation such as primary and secondary, profit and non-profit, indoor and out door, etc. They can be classify on the basis of management, location, on the basis of client, demand of customers, etc.

Some of the popular types of caterings are discussed below.

  1. Commercial
  • Hotels: caterings located inside the hotel
  • Restaurants
  • Bar and Pubs
  • Popular catering
  • Fast food Restaurants
  1. Transport Catering
  • Airlines catering
  • Railway catering
  • Cruz/ ship catering
  • Surface catering
  1. Welfare catering
  2. Industrial Catering
  3. Leisure-linked Catering

2. Define the Salesmanship [2]

Ans: The difference between successful organization and failure is not the resources. It is the knowledge, efficiency, effectiveness of staff to sale the company service and products. It is not the potentials that make any company rich, it is their selling capacity that make them rich.

Salesmanship is the quality of staff to exchange company offer with customer. It is the ability to create revenue to the company. It is the quality of staff to create satisfied customers. Salesmanship is the art of persuading. It is an art of converting prospect into a customer. This art converts the desire of people into demand. Need into demand and satisfy the demand. Salesmanship is to bridge the gap between buyer and seller.

3. Define the Vouchers [2]

Ans: Voucher is a legal document issued by one organization to other to provide service. The first organization receives payment form the guest and request service agency to provide said service to his customer and bill accordingly. It proofs that the guest has made the payment. Now guest does not need to carry money. The receiving agency provides services as per the agreement and conditions mentioned in the voucher and bill the first agency. The voucher is a multi-copy document. The original copy is carried by the guest to get the services and duplicate copy is sent to the service agencies. It cannot be used for money. Transfer purpose. It guarantees the service to the guest and payment to the service provider.

The agent must be very careful writing voucher as service and billing will bill on basis of the terms and conditions mentioned on it. It is a legal document, so proper records should be maintained. As billing is done on the basis of the voucher and it involves foreign currency, so the records of used, unused and void copies should be kept properly.

4. Define the Attributes. [2]

Ans: Attributers means quality of the service quality. Hospitality is a show business. The personality, the appearance, dress, etc. of a member of staff determines the quality of organization. Hospitality is service and service is provided by staff. So quality of the staff is the quality of service and quality of the product. As it is said that first impression is the last impression, so the dress, appearance, cheerfulness and the way of greeting are the first impression a customer receives. No matter how good the food and ambience are, poorly trained, untidy or rude members of staff can antagonize customers. On the other hand, if the staffs are well-trained and efficient, they can, to a certain extent, make up for other shortcomings in the services provided.

5. Define the Catering. [2]

Ans: When people are staying away from home, whetherfor leisure or on business, they need a place that provides all the necessary comforts. They need a roof over their head that is accommodation, and they need food and drink that is catering. The word catering is from the word “cater” which means to serve. In hospitality industry catering refers to food and drinks service. Catering Industry is sometimes referred to as hospitality industry providing food, drinks. Some time it also includes accommodation also.

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