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Troubleshooting – Computer | Merofuture

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Computer turns off without warning

  • Check for the heat related issues. Check if the CPU fan is running quickly and smoothly. Check the fans on your CPU if there is any noise.
  • Check the temperature of the system through BIOS or temperature gun.
  • Check the SMPS if its working properly. Check the output voltage of the SMPS.
  • Scan for viruses.
  • Try re-installing the OS.
  • Try checking hardware issues.

Windows freezes or stops responding

  • Try pressing Num lock, see if the LED turns on and off. If it does, open the task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and close the program that’s causing it.
  • Check if there is any unknown and unwanted programs that are installed. Try uninstalling them. Take caution.
  • See if there are too many programs opened. Closed all.
  • Disable startup programmes.
  • Check hardware. Remove any new added hardware.
  • Check the temperature of the system.
  • Delete temporary files from RAM.
  • Re-install OS.

Auto shutdown troubleshooting

  • Using BIOS key (F2, Del, F10, ESC) enter the BIOS mode.
  • Check the temperature of the processor from BIOS.
  • If the computer shutdown immediately, open the casing and see whether the casing fan is connected well and its running smoothly.
  • Measure whether output voltage on SMPS is fluctuating.
  • If the computer doesn’t turn off on BIOS. Try re-installing OS.

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Creating pendrive bootable using command prompt

  • Right click on CMD and open as administrator
  • Diskpart
  • List_disk
  • Select_disk_1
  • Clean
  • Create_partition_primary
  • Select_partition_1
  • Format _fs=ntfs_quick
  • Active
  • Exit

Computer Running Slow

  • If the computer has not been rebooted (restarted) for long time, try rebooting (starting) first.
  • Close background application and disable the startup programs (Ctrl+alt+del).
  • Delete temporary files (%temp%) timely.
  • Verify that there at least 200-500 MB of free in C: space. This allows room for temp. files.
  • Run scan disk, chkdisk etc timely.
  • Scan malware (malware scan) virus using antivirus.
  • Try updating windows.
  • Install operating system.
  • If these steps doesn’t solve try upgrading (Memory, Hard Disk, Processor) hardware.

Windows restarts without warning

  • Some OS are designed to reboot (restart) automatically each time error occurs. Try disabling (optional) (Properties-advance)
  • Hardware issue, try removing any newly added hardware to see if it is not causing and issue.
  • Scan for viruses. Some viruses are designed to reboot the system.
  • Check the temperature of the processor or any other hardware
  • Check if the processor fan is running well/ fast and smoothly.
  • After all these steps if the computer still restarts it is likely that you are experiencing OS related issue. Try re-installing OS.

Characteristics of computer

  • Speed – MIPS – Million instructions per second
  • Storage – We can store data & files
  • Accuracy – Without any mistake
  • Versality – Various tasks performance
  • Diligence – Never tired, weak
  • Automatic – automatically execuation (complete) of taksl

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