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The Steps of Attending A Vacant Room | Hotel Management | Grade XII

Chapter 2

Housekeeping Department

Short Answer Questions

  1. Write the steps of attending a vacant room. [5]

Ans: A room maybe vacant for short term or for long time. Short term means just for a night. Housekeeping is responsible to keep all the rooms ready for sale. Even through, it is not used but it must be attained on regular basis. The purpose of this cleaning is airing the room, checking and general dusting.

  • A vacant room is attained first.
  • Open windows and ventilation for airing the room.
  • It should not take more than 5/10 minutes to attain vacant room
  • Wipe and dust surfaces.
  • Check A/C, water taps, flush, hot and cold water supply.
  • Check necessary supplies of a vacant room.
  1. Write the step by step procedure of bathroom cleaning.

Ans: Bathroom cleaning is more related to keep it germ free. Many people are more concern with clean bathroom. They give special importance to its appearance and hygiene. While cleaning occupied room special attention must be paid as it contains belongs which must be taken special care.


  • Turn on the light. Open all windows or vent for air.
  • Check all the equipments for any repairmen if necessary.
  • Replace soiled towels to the clean ones
  • Empty bathroom hamper and clean them.
  • Flush the toilet and apply cleaner inside the bowl
  • Clean the shower area and bath tub. Check shower head for functioning and clean.
  • Wash the tub and around area and soap dishes using detergent water, sponge and rag.
  • Clean both sides of shower curtain or shower door and curtain rod. Pay attention to the bottom where mildew may occur
  • Hang clean bath mat on the edge of the tub
  • Clean the Vanity and wash basin area along with walls and fixtures. Clean the mirror. Dust light fixtures. Clean counter down area. Clean towel rod and rack.
  • Clean the toiled – Wash cistern and its area. Wash toilet cover and seater. Wash outside area of the bowl, rinse with Dettol water. Wipe dry all outside surface. Brush inside part of bowl and wipe the rim and finally close the lid.
  • Clean both sides of bathroom door
  • Replace bathroom supplies – towels, guest amenities, toilet and facial tissue
  • Make final check and close the door.

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