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The Recurring Dream – Summary | Magic of Words

Unit-1 Stories of the Supernatural

Chapter-1: The Recurring Dream | A Story from England


‘The Recurring Dream’ is a supernatural story about a mysterious dream which appears a mysterious dream which appears almost every night. A beautiful girl of 25, Kimberly Clark is the central figure of this story. She lives in London with her roommate Jannet Wilson. Kim loves to dance and has many friends. She has a good position in a large company. A mysterious recurring problem is a single problem in Kim’s life.

The strange dream always begins on a village road. Kim stands on a road and finds a lane with a white fence and hedge on each side. There is a small cottage at the end of the lane. There is a small cottage at the end of the lane. The house has a white color with a green shutter. In the dream, Kim walks up to the lane and enters the house. She finds a man asleep in a bed. The man seems very cold with white hair and a white beard. Kim goes near to the bed and the man wakes up. When Kim opens her mouth to speak with him, she wakes up in her apartment in London.

This dream disturbs Kim very much. Following the suggestion of Janet, they go to the countryside to visit Janet’s parents next Saturday morning. Kim sits back on the seat and closes her eyes. A little later, as Janet turns the car into a country road, Kim wakes up. She requests to Janet to stop the car and comes out from the car. This place was similar to the place of her dream. Although Janet requests Kim not to go there Kim does everything whatever she used to do in her dream.

Finally, she reaches up to the house. Everything looks except a sign ‘FOR SALE’. When Kim knocks the door, an old man opens it and closes immediately. Then the man was also very similar to Kim’s dream. Kim finds herself in confusion. She requests the old man to open the door and also says that she wants to buy the house.

The old man says that she cannot buy the house because a ghost hunts it every night. When Kim asks who the ghost is, the old man replies that it is Kim herself, and then he closes the door. In this story, both Kim and the old man see each other in their dream. This recurring dream doesn’t disturb only Kim but also to the old man. This haunting dream might be the cause of selling a house. This story does not provide any background on why Kim has a recurring dream.

Kim must have some terrible event of loss in her life. A routine and busy night of London might be the next cause of her dream. As Freud says that repressed desires appear in a dream is displacement form it might be Kim’s desire to have a boy partner.

Common Questions & Answers Asked on The Recurring Dream

Short Answer Questions

1. What do you think is the reason some people have recurring dreams?

Since there is no rigid scientific reason behind why people see recurring dreams, every answer to this question is merely a logical prediction and supposition. Psycho analysists, however, think that we see such a dream because of our desires. They are the product of our unfulfilled wishes. The wishes that are unfulfilled tet restored in our unconscious mind, but while at sleep they come into form and we see the dream. While talking about the recurring dream, we might also predict some other causes. We see such dreams of imagination.

Many of the times the past life-memories come into existence which we have never thought of. Some other times we see the dream again and again when there is a deep impression of some person and event in our mind. In our dreams sometimes we see ghosts, wild animals, great buildings, juggles, dead people, friends, etc. In my opinion, we see these desires or accidents or terrible encounters with these things and objects. We have experienced that we desire in a daytime, which occurs in our dream at night. So the desire of getting something might be the cause of the recurring dream.

In the same way, sometimes we see the same dream day by day. We have experienced the fact that we fail in our exam in the dream if we are waiting that we fail in our exam in the dream if we are waiting for the exam results. So fear might be the cause of the dream. Whatever the interpretation we pass they lack the scientific ground they are mere assumptions.

2. What does the little, old man do when he sees Kim at the door?

The little old man immediately tries to close the door. It happened Kim to unexpected when one day Janet proposes Kim to visit her (Janet’s) parent’s farmhouse. As they pass through a country road, Kim sees a similar scene in her dream. They stop there. Janet does not want Kim to go and see the small cottage but Kim is so stubborn. When Kim approaches by walking up the similar lane of the house, she closely observes it.

The house looks exactly the same except for a sign in front of the house which said ‘FOR SALE’. Unlike her dream, Kim goes to the door of the house and knocks and to her surprise, the same old man answers the door. The old man then perhaps recognizes Kim who he might have seen in his dream too. So he immediately closes the door. But after Kim’s request, he opens the door.

3. Write the story of ‘The Recurring Dream’ in brief.

Please refer to the Summary above.

Long Answer Questions

1. Why does Janet Wilson ask Kim to go to her parent’s farm? How far does she follow Kim? Does Kim reach her parent’s farm?

When Kim shares her problematic dream with her friend Janet Wilson suggests she go to her parent’s farmhouse in the countryside. Janet says so because the countryside is peaceful and naturally beautiful. She thinks Kim would forget about her recurring dream by seeing the scenic beauty of her father’s farm.

Another reason can be that Kim has been living in the same place for a long time and the city is crowded. Janet thinks that if Kim changed the setting, her mind would be preoccupied with some other thing and forget the man and place of her dream. The old man with white hair and beard of her dream has troubled her a lot. Janet thinks that he would not reappear to her once she changes the setting. The third reason can be that Kim might have relief from her busy schedule. She will be in leisure and get freedom from her work. Since the dream is related to the mind, Janet wants to treat her in that way.

Following the suggestion of Janet, they go to the countryside to visit Janet’s parents next Saturday morning. Kim sits back on the seat and closes her eyes. A little later, as Janet turns the car onto a country road, Kim wakes up. She requests Janet to stop the car and comes out of the car. This place was very similar to the place of her dream. Up to this place, Kim follows Janet.

Actually Kim doesn’t to Janet’s parent’s farm Kim climbs down of the car in the country road and does everything whatever she used to do in her dream. Finally, she reaches up to the house. The house in which the old man with white hair and beard lives perhaps makes Kim understand the mystery lying behind the recurring dream.

2. What causes Kim’s uneasiness? What does she dream about? What could be the reason behind dreaming the same thing, the same person and the same place?

Kimberly Clark is a young lady of 25 with sound jobs living in London. She has friends and she loves to dance. But there is something that disturbs her causing uneasiness. The mysterious dream she sees almost every night causes uneasiness to her. She sees a strange person and place in her dream. She dreams about a strange place and person. In the dream, she finds herself in the country lane which is covered by a white fence and white hedge. She walks in her dream up to the hill where a cottage with green shutters lies. Inside the cottage, there is an old man with white hair and a beard on the bed. When she wants to talk to him. She wakes up and finds herself in her London apartment. This is a recurring dream. The same person and place come to her every night.

There may be many reasons behind her dream. She sees the same place, thing and person in her dream which repeats every night. Science and law do not pass a final explanation for that. But we can take the help of some psychological and dream theories to explain the reason. According to the psychoanalytical theory, we have unfulfilled desires hidden in the unconscious level of our mind. While at sleep such desires manifest in the form of a dream. In this sense, Kim might have seen the same person and place in her dream because of her unfulfilled desires. Perhaps Kim had a father in her past life who loved her so much. They might have separated due to some reason. She sees him in her dream because of her love for him which she didn’t fulfill in the past life.

There may be other reasons like stress, psychological disorder, nervousness, accidents, and workload and over imagination. Perhaps, Kim thinks about the dream once it has visited her again and again because of which she might have seen the same person thing and place in her dream.

3. Tell in your own words the story of Kim Clark’s mysterious dream.

The story, “The Recurring Dream” is from England and is about the mysterious dream of the character. The main character of this story is Kimberly Clark who is 25 and lives in London. She loves to dance and has many friends. Her life is normal except for a problem.

The problem is of a mysterious dream. It is mysterious because of two reasons: once she sees the strange person and place and place in her dream and other the dream repeats to her almost every night. Kim’s mysterious dream always begins on a country road where she stands. She sees a lane with a white fence and a hedge on each side. And at the end of the lane, on the top of the hill, she sees a small white cottage with green shutters.

She walks up to the house through the lane and goes in. She finds a little old man with white hair and a white beard asleep in a bed of one of the rooms. When she goes near the bed she tries to talk to him, her dream ends and she wakes in her apartment in London. The same thing happens to her every night almost at the same time.

The Mysterious dream bothers Kim so much. The dream is really uncommon. When we think of the reason and the solution they merely become the attempts. Thus the story, “The Recurring Dream” is about this mysterious dream that the protagonist Kim sees every night.

4. Write about an interesting dream you saw recently. What is the special meaning of your dream?

The Dream I Have Seen Recently: A few days ago I saw a strange dream. It was a day of the strike. Every shop was close to a big city. Schools, offices, and transportation were at their garage. The “Bandha” was called on by some labor unions. I couldn’t see the general public happy with it. But some vendors were making the fortune by selling “Chatpate, Chana-Kerau, Badam” in the empty street. The only opened shop was mine at an Ashon, Kathmandu.; It was all because I had a shop that contained the “Banda” supporting materials.

I had a good sale I sold old tires, kerosene, effigies, and many black flags. Half the day was still there to sell. My shop also contained the load shedding schedule and anti-government slogans. I sold them too. He asked for a load shedding schedule. To my surprise, he paid me a white rose in return. When I told him to give me five rupees for the schedule, he gave me another flower. This time it was a lotus. I got angry at him but he responded this with a smile. He was just smiling.

I looked him more seriously, I found him dressed in an orange-colored gown and carrying the bag of the same color. He had incredible smile. I couldn’t help smiling at him. I was hypnotized by this gate and appearance. The more I looked at him, the more attractive he appeared to be. After a while, he asked me to close the eyes for a time being. I opened my eyes. He was not there. He vanished. Surprisingly, I saw my shop filled not with tires and effigies but with flowers. Everywhere there were lotus and white roses. Was he Buddha? I asked myself … and woke up when I heard the national song “Sanyo Thunga ….” from my alarm clock.

Theories and stories are written about the dream. They try to connect dreams and real life. In this sense, I also believe that there is some connection between the dream and our lives. Dreams are not only imaginations of our thinking and desires, rather they carry some symbolic meanings. If not all, many dreams have that the dreams are the results of our repressed desires. If we become unable to fulfill our desires and imaginations we see dreams and in the dreams, we try to fulfill those desires. In this sense, they have relation to our lives. For example, when is see, at the time of my result, the dreams of crossing rivers or climbing the mountains, I pass the exam. But this is not proved by science yet.

In the story “The Recurring Dream”, Kimberly Clark sees a dream of an unknown place and person. She dreams about a house in the countryside where an old man is sleeping. In the dream, she enters the house and she wakes up. Kim tried to speak to him but she wakes up herself. Kim sees this dream in her real life too. One day Kim is sitting in a car with her friend Janet. They are driving through the countryside. Kim sees the same house as her dream there. She makes Janet stop the car and goes to the house. The same old man opens the door. Kim speaks to the old man who tells her that the house is haunted by a ghost.

Thus it can be said that the dream is connected to our real life. They have some sorts of connections. We see something we have imagined in our dream. By coincidence, such things appear in our real life too. In a sense dream in imagination and we do not imagine something that is impossible.

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