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The Lost Doll – Summary | Magic of Words

Unit-1 Stories of the Supernatural

Chapter-2: The Lost Doll | Story from Columbia


‘The Lost Doll’ is a supernatural story about the rebirth of a dead person. In this story, Maria Del Carmen died at the age of four because of sickness. She was a single daughter of Roberto and Rosa Soto. All villagers involved in funeral rites. They said that she looks like a little doll. A few days later, Rosa all playthings and clothes of Carmen to the local priest.

But Roberto did not like her activities. Rosa gave all those because they were informed that she could not give birth to any children. But Roberto had still hope. He thought that God did not provide then next baby as Carmen was there to look after. Roberto asked about a doll that Carmen used to play but all were unaware of it.

After a year, Rosa gave birth to a baby. They put her name, Evangelina (Good news). She was equally lovely, beautiful and bright to Carmen. The only difference was that Carmen was sick by birth but Evangelina was healthy. Villages thought that God returned Carmen by treating her.

Meaning of Doll

The doll has two different meanings. Villages call Maria del Carmen a lovely, beautiful and bright girl. For Roberto and Rosa Soto, Carmen us like a beautiful doll. When Carmen dies, she is decorated is like a beautiful doll. After her death, villages and parents lost their doll (Carmen).

Next side, the doll is a plaything having blue eyes and a red dress, which Carmen used to play. It is also lost after Carmen’s used to play. It is also lost after Carmen’s death. But later both of them (Carmen & doll) are found. Carmen gets birth again and named Evangelina and doll which was buried in the yard is taken out.

Common Questions & Answer Asked on The Lost Doll

Short Answer Questions

1. What evidences are there in the story to show that the Sotos were poor?

The story “The Lost Doll” is about the poor Soto family. There are some indications to say that the family was poor. The first indication is that the Soto family didn’t treat their child in the hospital. Maria Del Carman, whom they loved so much, had been sick for years. Had they been rich they would have taken her to the hospital for the treatment. The second indication is that they are the farmers living in the village. Roberto appears in the story with his rough hand and working in the field.

Another fundamental indication is that they don’t have money to buy new clothes for the next baby if they get any. When Roberto knew that Rosa had given all the clothes and playthings to the priest from another village, he was not happy. He, by being hopeful about getting another child, wanted to preserve for it. If they were rich, he would not have bothered about it thinking that he would buy the new ones. These indications in the story make us believe that the Soto Family was a poor family.

2. What evidence is there in the story to show that Carmen and Evangelina were alike?

The story “The Lost Doll”, a story of reincarnation, presents two similar children of Rosa and Roberto Soto. These two children are Carmen and Evangelina. Carmen is their first child who dies at the age of four. After the first anniversary of Carmen’s death, they have another child named Evangelina. These two children have many similarities between them. The character, behavior, and attitudes of carmen are similar to Evangelina.

Like Carmen, Evangelina is attractive and loving. She is kind and liked by everyone. The priest from another village, Rosa’s sister from Bogata and even Rosa believe that they have been given the child by god after the treatment. Only the difference between is that Evangelina is healthy whereas Carmen is not. Despite this, Evangelina and Carmen are alike in all their manners, attitudes and behavior.

Long Answer Questions

1. Tell the pathetic situation that Carmen’s death brought to her parents.

The Story “The Lost Doll” presents a couple who bemoan on the tragic death of their child, Carmen. They loved their only child Carmen so much. But Carmen had very poor health by birth. They took care of her though she couldn’t take her for medical treatment. Their loving daughter who everyone in the village loved passed away at the age of four. This made the couple really sad. They remembered the child for a long time.

Thinking that Carmen’s memory would make them sad, Rosa even gave all playthings and cloths, not to a priest from the same village but form another village. They even didn’t forge the doll of Carmen for which they searched a lot. Rosa had almost lost her hope believed in doctors. Thus the story elaborates on the grief of the couple who had lost their only child in her prime age.

At Carmen’s death, not only the couple but the whole village remains number. The grief-stricken couple reaches up to the graveyard. For many days they mourn and wish for another child. It continues up to the time they get another child. But even after they get Evangelina, they don’t forget their previous child. Now and again they talk about her and compare Evangelina with Carmen. They even thank god for being so kind by providing a similar child back to them.

2. Explain the idea of reincarnation. What clues suggest that Evangelina was the reincarnation of Maria Del Carmen? Are you convinced of these clues? Why?

Reincarnation is a philosophical or religious concept. It is an idea that a being starts a new life in a different physical body or form after each biological death. It’s also sometimes equated with rebirth or transmigration and is a part of afterlife doctrine. It is a central tenet of all major religions, namely Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism.

The idea of reincarnation is found in many ancient cultures, and a belief in rebirth was held by Greek historic figures, such as Pythagoras, Socrates, and Plato. It is also a common belief of various ancient and modern religions and is found as well in many tribal societies around the world such as Australia, East Asia, Siberia, and South America. The story, “The Lost Doll” presents an Evangelina, a reincarnated Maria Del Carmen. There are clues in the story that Evangelina is the reincarnation of Maria Del Carmen.

The first clue is her likeness with Maria del Carmen. Evangelina, in all her manners, looks like Carmen. Her character, behaviors and physical features are exactly like that of Carmen. Similarly, after she was born the priest and Rosa believes that she is exactly like her sister Carmen. Again, the parish priest says the sick child has been taken by God, headed her and sent her back, Rosa agrees.

The third clue is that Evangelina says that she remembers she has been sick. Even though Rosa convinces her that she has never fallen sick, Evangelina insists. Later on, she shows them the lost doll. She also says how she has been taken by a nice looking gentile man by hand after he has made wake her up and how he helps her in the burial of the doll. These are the clues that she is none other than the reincarnated Carmen.

I’m really convinced about the clues. The way she is physically the perfect match, the way she justifies her sickness, and the way everyone compares her with Carmen convenience me too that she is the reincarnation of Maria Del Carmen. Though, no science has justified so far that life exists even after death and reincarnation as such is possible. Spiritually thinking, the proceedings of the events and circumstances in the story entail us that Evangelina is the reincarnated form of Maria Del Carmen.

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