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Study in the USA [University Fee, Cost of Living and Others]

With America slowly loosening its immigration policies, many Nepali students are looking forward to opportunities to study in the USA. From the culture to quality education and the income opportunities, there are various good things about America; the country has a lot to offer.

Students from all around the world apply to universities in the USA as they provide high-quality education. On top of that, the degree you receive from American universities is appreciated and valued in almost every part of the world.

If you’re also planning to study in the USA, there are certain things you need to know while approaching an American university. But don’t worry, we’ve covered the basics for you.

So without any delay, let’s get started!

Why Study in the USA?

Should you study in USA

The United States Of America is a well-developed country. You can expect to experience everything; from amazing cultures to great quality. The quality of education is well-recognized all over the world. So, getting a degree from an American University is a big plus point.

The main reasons why America is such a big hot spot for international students are explained below:

Cultural Diversity: America is a diverse country with a lot of people. People from all over the world come to the states for opportunities. This is the case for the Universities as well. American universities are diverse and you can find classmates from all over the world. This will get you more cultural exposure which is always a good thing for your career. 

Support for Students: To make it easy for the students to adjust, U.S universities offer support classes. They will provide different workshops and English Language practice sessions, orientations, and training to foreign students for helping them get ready for life in America. The colleges also offer students to stay in the US after they graduate so, they can pursue a career in the STEM fields. 

Flexible Academic Environment: American Universities allow students to choose from different courses and they also provide flexible methods. The classroom structure and instruction methods are catered to the needs of the students. Learning is also engaging and relevant.  Students are also allowed to skip classes but you must be able to complete the course work in time. 

International Exposure: With a degree from an American University, a student can have international exposure. You can get jobs from top companies around the world. You can also get campus placements and more. All of this is very important as it will create a good experience for you.

How to Apply to a University in the USA?

Apply to USA

American universities take students in either the fall or the spring semesters. The application process can take around 6 months so, it’s better to start early. You can select your courses once you get into college.

TOEFL is usually mandatory and SAT is needed for undergrad courses. So, make sure you prepare yourself for these tests to score a chance of entering your dream university.

You need to have all necessary documents and certificates ready before applying. You have to make sure to provide even the smallest piece of information relevant to the university’s requirements. If you’re applying for a scholarship, it’s a great idea to collect certificates of achievements, training, and all similar participation that make your portfolio strong.

So, the general guide or steps-to-follow for applying to any college in the USA is:

  1. Write applications to several educational institutes you’re interested in. (This is the most crucial step.)
  2. Prepare well for all types of admission tests like the SAT.
  3. Practice before giving the language tests like the TOEFL or IELTS.
  4. Wait for your Acceptance Letter from the colleges you apply to.
  5. Once you have your Acceptance Letter, pay your deposit. (You can also contact a consultancy company at this point for further processing and guidance.)

The first step is sending your application to the university or college. Some students make the mistake of not taking enough time and sending a proper application. Don’t make this mistake, it can do more harm than good.

Always consult with an experienced consultant or do your research online before applying to any university. Learn about the universities, their acceptance rates, scholarship policies. This will help you have a clear picture of the ways you can strengthen your application.

Cost of Living

USA Cost of Living

Tuition Fee

The cost of tuition fees for international students is a bit more than national students in America. The cost can vary from 15,000 USD to 30,000 USD per year. Tuition fees in A-Grade schools are generally greater than in some less famous schools. The location of the university may also determine the tuition fee of a college. You can apply for a scholarship and try to get a good reduction on the fees as well. Also, most colleges offer some kind of scholarship for students that secure the top grades. 

Cost of Living

monthly expenses

The cost of living in a city like California is pretty huge in comparison to living in the country area. On average, it can cost anywhere between $1000 to $1800 per month. This breakdown includes your rent, monthly expenditure, transport, and such.

Some students live off on much less by making sensible choices when it comes to expenses. Sharing flats, eating homemade food, and wasting little to no money can reduce the cost by almost $150 to $200 every month.

Most students live in shared apartments or live out of the campus. They share all their expenses and most students do campus jobs to meet their expenses. Campus Jobs pay anywhere from $5 to $15 per hour.

As an international student, you can work 20 hours per week. You can work double in the summer vacation. Some institutions allow internships to their students upon course completion. 


Should you Apply USA

America is a land of opportunity so, it attracts many people from different corners of the world. You can join a University in America and get all kinds of opportunities.

If you follow all the rules and regulations, you will get a Student VISA. Most people think that it’s not easy to get a Student VISA for America but that’s not the case. Give it a try and perhaps you will get into a University in America as well.

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