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STRUCTURE OF LITERATURE – Questions Answer | Critical Thinking


Explain sign and significance.

Ans: Structure defines linguistic sign as the combination of a concept and and a sound image. According to Saussure, linguistic sign unifies signifier and signified, where signifier is a sound image and signified is concept. The linguistic sign not only unites a thing or a name but a concept and a sound image. In a sign these two elements are intimately united and each recalls the other. In linguistic, word and sign are not always the same. The sign can be larger or smaller than a word. Saussure believes that the bond between the signifier and signified is arbitrary. There is no natural relation between the sound-image and concept. The concept of a sound is made by human beings. The bond between signifier & signified remains for long if there will be no change in concept. A sign can have more than one signifier. The readers are not free to have their own signifier.


Language is powerless to defend itself against the forces of which from own moment to the next are shifting the relationship between the signifier and signified. The relationship between the signifier and signified. The relationship between the signifier and signified is natural so that they may change. Meaning is the third term that is the prouduct of the bond between the signifier and the signified. Not all words have concepts or even meanings associated with them. The function of concept is signification. In language meaning is possible only by virtue of its systematic function. Meaning doesn’t exist in isolation. In linguistic system meaning is generated as the part of a system.

In linguistic system, the graphic of phonic from of an utterance products internal language function. Mostly, the relation between signifier and signified is arbitrary but sometimes we can have the same sound image & concept. In English language, cock – a – doddle – do is both sound-image and concept. Onomatopoeic sounds are both signifier & signified.

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