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Start Examining Copy of Teaching License

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A copy of the Teacher Teaching License (License) examination taken last October has begun. In the first phase, the teachers’ service commission has started from the secondary level. It is said that the copy of Namai and Prabhu will take a few days as it is in the coding stage.

The work has been started in five centers at Janprabhat Mavi in ​​Kalimati, Kathmandu and Gambhir Samudra Setu Mavi in ​​Balakumari in Lalitpur, said the commission’s administrative chief, Baikunth Prasad Aryal. He said that six testers have been participated for this purpose. The examiners were given orientation on Tuesday by the Commission.

“We have set a timetable for carrying on the work done, along with the rest of the work,” Aryal said. “The coding process continues on the one hand and on the other, it is planned to add a few more centers later in the week.”

He said that up to 100 testers will be tested at the same time till all copies are tested. According to the Commission, the licenses examinations which have been opened after a long period of time have participated in the examination for 5,969 candidates for the admission process, 1,390 for the nominee and 1,00,949 for the minor.

The commission had completed all the copy-collection work and coding after the factual examination of the English subject, which was canceled under the secondary level licensure examination, was conducted on October 1.

Last time the license for Mavi and Nimavi was opened at 3 years and the provincial license was opened at 7 years. During the prolonged licensure exam, more than five million students who did not qualify to become teachers were licensed. The Commission conducted the examination on five different types of advertising at the secondary level, one for the low and one for the province.

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