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A Sound of Thunder – Summary | Flax Golden Tales

A Sound of Thunder – Summary | Ray Bradbury USA (1920-)

A sound of thunder - four levels

Summarize the story “A Sound of Thunder”.

Ans: The story “A Sound of Thunder” written by Ray Bradbury is about the safari and hunting. It is also about a unique safari experience of Eckels who is the main character in the story. There are five characters in the story viz a rich businessman and huner, Eckels. Travis (Eckels’s guide), Lesperance (Travis’s assistant), and other two hunters Billings and Karmer.

The hunting Safari starts with hunter Eckles, Travis, Lesperance, Billings, and Karmer. The Safari is for hunting a huge dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex. They are in a Time Machine that would give them the information of prehistoric past, present, and future. The Time Safari, INC has manged that hunting with its rules and system. When they are in Time Machines, Travis tells others about the ecosystem. He tells if a rat is killed eventually it will destroy fox, lion to civilization. Actually, they can kill animals that are going to die naturally, they see the Tyrannosaurus Rex that frightens Eckels much.

He becomes too much nervous because it is very huge, tem tons heavy. Eckels loses his courage at the sight of Tyrannosaurus Rex. When the animal breathes, there is thunder. The guide allows Eckels to kill dinosaur but he can’t kill and goes out of the track. Travis and next guide kill the animal that makes a sight like the fall of the mountain. Travis warns Eckels not obeying rules and his order. Travis’s happiness quickly changes into fury (extreme anger) when he sees Eckels’s muddy boots. It proves that Eckels has gone off the path. When coming to the present state from the past in time machine, Eckels finds some changes.

When they return to time safari office, nothing is changed except alphabets in the signboards of the office. Instead of Keithm, Deutscher is the president of America. Eckels finds a dead butterfly on the bottom of his boot. Eckels requests the guide, Travis, to bring him back to past so he can repair the damage of butterfly. Travis refuses and says that is impossible. In the end, Travis fires his rifle but who has shot it is not clear. It is supposed that he kills Eckels. At that time there is a sound of thunder.

This story “A Sound of Thunder” is an example of science fiction. This story might be trying to focus on the destruction of the ecosystem and environmental mechanism due to the carelessness of human actions. The use of time machine and its misuse points out the man’s inability to handle the advanced technology. People are with various technologies yet they are not able to make proper handling of them.

Next interpretation of the story might be a critique of modern society and the nature of human beings. In the name of humanity, rich people are ready to extinct rare species (animal). And to earn money, people are ready to destroy the ecosystem and animal’s world. We can also interpret to “A Sound of Thunder” as blast and destruction of the environmental system. This means a destruction of a butterfly may create earth shaking effect long with the ecosystem and balance. In this way, the essence of environmental closeness is presented in the story.

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