Human nervous Glandulary System

SEE | Biology | Unit-2: Human nervous and Glandulary system Download Human nervous Glandulary System pdf file 1. Stimulas: The external substance which can change morphology and physiology of organism is called stimulus. example: Light Pressure/ touch Heat Gravity Water Flow of wind Chemicals, etc. 2. Response: The change seem in organism is called response/ … Read more

SEE Most Important Questions of Science | Class 10 | Biology

SEE | Biology | Unit-14: Invertebrates Answer these questions. a. What is sericulture? What kind of silk worms are reared in Nepal? Ans: the lultivation of silk worm is called sericulture. These are two types of silk worm reared in Nepal, i.e. Eri-silkworm and seri-silkworm, etc. b. Describe the structure of a silkworm with a diagram. … Read more

Important Questions Answer of Biology Class 10 | Invertebrates | SEE

Invertebrates 1. Useful insects/ invertebrates:- Silkworm Honeybee, etc. 2. Honeybee: is social insects because it has division of labour. The queen workers and drones have distinct roles in honey-comb. 3. Apiculture: The cultivation of Honey-bees 4. Sericulture: The cultivation of silkworm. 5. Life cycle: Completed in four stages:- 6. Puparium: The outer coat of pupa … Read more

Important notes of Science | SEE | Physics Class 10

Differentiate between: 1. Gravity and acceleration due to gravity. Acceleration due to gravity Gravity 1.       The acceleration produced on a freely falling body due to the influence of gravity is called acceleration due to gravity. 2.       Its SI unit is Newton. 3.       It is the cause for the acceleration due to gravity. 1.       Gravity is … Read more

Important Questions Answer of Science | SEE | Class 10

1. Give Reasons: a. Newton’s law of gravitation is known as universal law: Ans: It is because Newton’s law of gravitation is true through the universe, it is true not only on the earth, but on the moon, Jupiter or in space too. b. A body falls faster at polar region than at equatorial region of … Read more

Periodic Table | SEE Class 10 | Chemistry Notes

Periodic Table: The periodic table is the intersection of columns and raws to contain elements on the basis of certain defined properties. The scientific classification of elements to make its study easy is called periodic table. Diagram: 1 2 3 4 5 1 H 2 Li Be B C N 3 Na Mg li Si … Read more

Acceleration due to gravity g | Solved | SEE Grade 10 | Science

1. Acceleration due to gravity g The acceleration produced due to gravity of planet/ heavenly body is called acceleration due to gravity. It is denoted by ‘g’. It is value of sea level:- 9.81m/s² (SI unit) = 9.81 cm/s² (CGS unit) g = GM/R² where, G = Universal gravitational constant. M = Mass of planet … Read more

Force Class 10 | SEE Physics Notes

Force The force is the external factor which changes or tends to change state of object. The definitin a force is given by first law of motion given by newton Its measurement is given by second law of motion F=m.a = Mass x acceleration Its SI unit is Newton. Gravitation The force of attraction between … Read more