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Science and the “Spirits” – Four Levels of Interactions | Flax Golden Tales

Science and the “Spirits” – Four Levels of Interactions | Flax-Golden Tales

Science and the Spirits - Four Levels

Science and the “Spirits” – John Tyndall F.R.S., England (1820-1893)

Literal Comprehension

A host invited the writer in London room to interact with medium who was young and sensitive lady. The Lady could interact with dead man’s soul and also create spirit. The writer had the scientific mind, so he at first mocked her asking many questions but later he seemed to be accepting the existence of spirits in the world. The spirit in the course of his conversation with the lady became  active and gave him a nickname, “poet of science”.

Similarly, hem in the essay differentiated the science and religion. He was trying to say that to understand the science, logic, and reason are necessary. In other words, scientists believe in those matters which can be tested and experimented while spiritualism solely or wholly believes in beyond the world existence. Anyway, at last, scientific man, John Tyndall cannot reject the spiritualism as he could not remove like the first event was given nickname, “poet of science” for him by the spirit and his unsuccessful attempt to shake the small table made him believe in the existence of spirits.


The writer, being a scientific man tries to assert the existence of spirit in our life. In a sense, this essay tries to show the reality of beyond the world. In a single sentence, the concept of soul which never dies has beautifully shown in the essay. At first, he mocked the medium who was said to talk with dead soul and spirit. But later on, his scientific mind changes and believes in spirit who once have given him the nickname, “poet of science”. He at first shows conflicting concept between science and religion and gives more important to science but at the end, he accepts the reality of spirit which is invisible and only could make alive by the medium.

Critical Thinking

The essayist John Tyndall is the well-known scientist of the 19th century. Obviously, science focuses on logic, reason, and mind but it neglects anything which cannot be proved and experimented. However, being a great scientist, the writer tries to show the existence of spirits. So we can ask the question about his profession. Is he really a scientist or is he a spiritualist? Similarly, are there spirits? Is it possible to revive spirits by the medium? Can spirit talk? Is there life after death?


After reading this essay, I remembered a woman of our locality who was supposed to be a medium that she could talk with the dead people. Once I went to meet her and told her that I wanted to talk with my dead grandfather. She, in a few seconds, said that she is my grandfather and I could ask her any question. She changed her voice like my grandfather. I asked her questions: “How are you?” “where are you?”.

He/(she) replied me that he was o-k and now was in Hell. He went on explaining that he did several sins and fake works on the earth, so he had to remain in hell and after enduring pain and suffering there, his soul would be purified and could enter into heaven. He also told past events and incidents accurately, hearing such ideas of my grandfather from medium’s mouth, I surprised and had to believe in her because what my grandfather told through her mouth was quite right.

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