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Science – SEE Exam Paper 2075 (2019)

Table of Contents

SEE Exam Paper 2075 (2019)

Time: 2.15 hrs. | Full Marks: 75

Answer all the questions.

Group A

  1. Write short answer of the following questions. 15×1=

a. Write short answer of the following questions.

b. State Archimede’s principle.

c. What is geo-thermal energy?

d. Write the formula of power lens.

e. What is step up transformer?

f. Write the name of any two metalloids.

g. Write two examples of weak acids.

h. Write the atomic number and atomic weight of copper.

i. What concrete?

j. Give two examples of exocrine gland.

k. What is vein?

l. What is the main function of sex chromosome?

m. Name any two animals which have external fertilization.

n. What is water pollution?

o. What is carbonization?


Group B

2. Clarify the statement, “acceleration due to gravity of the earth is 9.8m/s2

3. Energy crisis cannot be solved immediately but it can be pushed up to the next generation. Give reason.

4. Write any two importance of atmospheric pressure.

5. 10kg of water at 800C cools faster than 15kg of water at the same temperature kept in the identical vessels. Why?

6. Write two characteristics of ‘S’ block elements.

7. The state of chemical reaction increases with the increase of the surface area of reactant. Why?

8. Write structural formula and one use of trihydric alcohol.

9. Write any two differences between thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic.

10. Write any two differences between drone and worker bee.

11. Write any two effects that are seen due to lack of thyroxine hormone.

12. Write any two symptoms of haemophilia disease.

13. Write any two advantages of vegetative prpagation.

14. Comet is seen after a long period of time. Why?

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Group C

15. How much time does a stone take to reach on the surface of the earth drop from the height 20m and what will be its acceleration due to gravity after 3 seconds. (g=10m/s2)

16. In a transformer the number of turns in primary coil is three times than the number of truns in secondary coil. If the primary voltage of transformer is 220 volt, find the secondary voltage.

17. How does the ammonia gas is manufactured on iddustrial scale? Write with balanced chemical euation.

18. Write any three uses of aluminium.

19. Pea plant with red flower (RR) and white flower (rr) are crossed pollinated firstly and then self pollinated. What will be the color of flower at first and second generation? Why? Write necessary chart.

20. Draw the diagram of larval stage of silkworm and label the parts thoracic true legs, spiracles, abdominal pseudo legs and dorsal horn.


Group D

21. Draw a ray diagram of an image formed when an object is placed at a distance of 20cm from convex lens having focal length 20cm. Write any two natures of image formed. Calculate the magnification of image.

22. Study the given diagram and answer the following questions.

i. which gas is collected in gas jar?

ii. This gas cannot collected by downward displacement of water. Why?

iii. How can you manufacture urea from the gas collected in gas jar? Write with balanced chemical equation.

23. How does blood play an important role in the context of control and protection? Suggest any two precautions to be taken to reduce the high blood pressure.

24. How do industrial gases cause acid rain? Explain with chemical reaction. Mention the effects of industrial gases.

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