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How Sane Are We? – Four Levels of Interactions | Flax Golden Tales

How Sane Are We? – Four Levels of Interactions | Flax-Golden Tales

How Sane Are We - Four Levels

How Sane Are We? – Anuradha Chaudhary, Bangladesh (1947-)

Literal Comprehension

This essay talks about the environmental damage due to the selfish, commercial and self-destructive nature of human beings in the modern world. Similarly, they cannot make a rational decision. The writer criticizes human beings for not being careful and aware of ecological destruction and its fatal result. Similarly, people from developed countries have attracted to use CFCs and many other chemicals that directly affect the greenhouse system ozone layers. As a result, ecosystem gets affected, human immune system becomes weaker, skin cancer and eye contract and other danger problems come into exist, from which it is human beings who suffer a lot.

Thought it is reported not to use such chemicals, but people could not stop using them, so they have been facing great problems in day to day life. The essayist makes a satire to those people who do not think for the future and only think, do and engage in politics and for immediate advantages. Those people do not make a rational plan and decision, commercial, a social and cultural system to establish peaceful ecological environment by changing our thinking and behaviors, for example, preserving the culture, water resources, controlling population, stopping deforestation, and the ozone layer. If not so, we are sure to be destroyed ourselves in the coming future.


This essay talks about the ecological damage caused by the modern insane human beings involving into pollutions, deforestation greenhouse effect and depletion of the ozone. Similarly, this essay implies that human beings cannot make a rational decision. People are only worried about the next election but not about the future. Though they know the use of CFCs and other chemicals are harmful as well as bring damage in ecology, they do nothing to stop in use.

They are neither preserving ancestors by preserving the culture, rather spoiling truth future of mankind. The writer says that in spite of rationality, how foolish we are to discover such elements which are like the monster to kill ourselves. Thus, we should save nature, atmosphere, wildlife, forests, water resources, the ozone layer, and whole ecology by changing our thoughts, behaviors and political and commercial activities.

The essayist represents the real picture of the ecological damage in the present world. She attacks the irrationality of human beings who create harmful chemicals and people’s blind to the great disadvantage on the ecological environment. Thus, the criticize the governments, politicians, and factory owners who use harmful chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons. However, some ideas in the essay seem less convincing. Why does the writer remain passive to the scientist who invents (ed) harmful chemicals? Are modern human beings really insane? Do human beings only destruct the ecology of the environment?

Critical Thinking

In the essay, she only abuses the political leaders, but she did not see any fault in science. In fact, at this level, I disagree with her. I ask the question: who invented the CFCS? Political leaders or scientists? Obviously, the answer is scientists. If scientists made CFCS gas, then scientists are responsible for reducing the ozone layer. Likewise, she says that politicians just think about the election and they are selfish and self-centered. Are all politicians like that? Are not there any honest politicians?


This essay has deeply inspired me. After reading this essay, I remember my past activities. When I was studying up to the school level, on holidays, I used to cut trees in the jungle randomly, particularly young trees. Similarly, I was found of firing the jungle, hunting birds and small animals. But now I came to know that I must stop such harmful activities and should follow the good path to establish a peaceful ecological environment where I live and work, too.

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