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What is safe mode?

Ans: Safe mode is a special way to load window when there is a system critical problem that interface with the normal operation of window. When window doesn’t load properly due to problem safe mode allows troubleshoot and try to determine the problem (F8, F5).


  1. XT- XT are all old model motherboards. These types motherboards have old model processors sockets, PCI slots, ISA, 20 pin power connector, Pentium II computer.
  2. Baby AT- Baby AT is the combination of both XT & AT. They have both sockets and slots type processor, 12 and 20 pin power connector. PCI and ISA slots. E.g. Pentium III and Pentium IV.
  3. AT- AT boards are advance than XT. These boards have SD RAM slots, PCI, ISA slots, 20 pin power connector. E.g. Pentium II computer.
  4. ATx- These are latest model motherboard. ATx motherboard have processor sockets. DDR RAM slots, PCI, AGP slots, IDE connectors, SATA port, 20 and 24 pin ATx power connectors.

Meaning of icons on device manager

If there is a problem with a device, it is listed in the hardware tree (device manager). Also the device with problem has symbol that indicates types of problem.

  • A black exclamation point (!) on yellow field indicates the device is in a problem state. The device may or may be functioning. A problem code is given:
  • A red “X” indicate disabled device.
  • A blue “I” on a white field indicates that the automatic settings features is not selected on the resource was manually selected. This doesn’t mean the device in in problem.

Flash memory

Flash memory is non-volatile computer memory that can be electrically erased and reprogrammed. It is a technology that is primarily used in memory cards and USB flash drives for general storage and transfer of data between computer and other digital products.

Cache memory

Cache memory is a special high speed mechanism. It can be either reserved parts of main memory or an independent high speed storage device. In personal computers, there are two types of catching commonly used memory caching and disk caching.

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