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Reporting – Meaning into Words | Grade XII

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Reporting – Meaning Into Words
For: Class 12 | Solution of Work Book
Unit 6: Reporting

1. Complete the sentences. Report what was said.

a. Ram to Shyam: Would you like to for lunch?

Ans: Ram invited Shyam to stay for lunch.

b. Ranjeeta: I’m sorry I caused so much trouble.

Ans: Ranjeeta apologized for causing trouble.

c. Sita to Geeta: You ought to see a doctor.

Ans: Sita advised Gita to see a doctor.

d. Tashi: I’ll do the washing-up.

Ans: Tashi offered to do the washing up.

2. Change the following into indirect: Begin with the words given in brackets.

a. ‘Shall we go for walk?’ (She asked.

Ans: She asked if we would go for a walk.

b. ‘What else would you suggest for the trip?’ (He wanted to know from me.

Ans: He wanted to know from me what else I would suggest for the trip.

c. How does it feel to ride a cable car?’ (She questioned.

Ans: He questioned how it felt like to ride a cable car.

d. ‘I’m counting on your help.’ (He repeated.

Ans: He repeated that he was counting on my help.

3. Report the following remark, using a suitable verb from the list. Decide who you think made the remark. beg, promise, suggest, threaten, recommend.

a. If you don’t do what I say, I’ll report to the police.

Ans: He threatened to report me to the police if I didn’t do what he said.

b. Please! You must help me! I don’t know what to do!

Ans: He begged me to help him.

c. You should spend a week in Rara- It’s lovely.

Ans: He recommended me to spend a week in Rara.

d. I’ll buy an ice-cream if you’re good.

Ans: He promised to buy me an ice-cream if I were good.

e. Why don’t you paint the ceiling yellow?

Ans: He suggested that I should paint the ceiling yellow.

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4. Report the following remarks, beginning He told me ..

a. I’ve had my hair cut.

Ans: He told me that he had had his hair cut.

b. I’m reading that book you lent me.

Ans: He told me that he was reading that book I had lent him.

c. I wasn’t invited to the party.

Ans: He told me that he hadn’t been invited to the party.

d. The price of petroleum product’s going to go up.

Ans: He told me that the price of petroleum product was going to go up.

e. I’ll tell her when I see her.

Ans: He told me that he would tell her when he saw her.

5. Choose one of the verbs in the list to report each of the remarks below:

Urge, insist, advise, suggest, threaten, recommend

Example: It’s very important for you to give up drinks.

He urged me to give up drinks.

a. I’ll report you the police if you don’t do what I say.

Ans: He threatened to report to the police if I didn’t do what he said.

b. Why don’t you start medicine if you can’t bear the pain?

Ans: He advised me to start medicine if I couldn’t bear the pain.

c. No, I’ve already told you- I am going to pay.

Ans: He insisted on  paying.

d. You really ought to have your bike serviced, you see.

Ans: He recommended me to have my bike serviced.

e. You should try it once again. You may win.

Ans: He suggested that I should try.

6. Change the direct speech into indirect speech beginning:

He told/ asked me …

a. “Did you have your meal?”

Ans: He asked me if I had had my meal.

b. “You can take as many books as you like”.

Ans: He told me I could take as many books as I liked.

c. “The rate of interest is going down”.

Ans: He told me the rate of interest was going down.

d. “Have you finished all your book”.

Ans:He asked me if I had finished all my work.

e. “Have you cleaned your room”.

Ans: He asked me if I had cleaned my room.

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