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Re-Trial Exam License

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Re-Trial Exam Notice of A/K, B and C

According to the DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT Seti, who fillup the re-trial form and pay the amount for the re-trial exam at the date of 2076/7/5, be ready to do re-trial.

If you’re not confident to pass the re-trial exam, you can prepare to go to the re-trial exam center which is your near.

Most of the people don’t know which category’s full description is? Check the full description all the category is

A/K: Bike, Scooter, Moped

B: Jeep, Car, Delivery Van

C: Tempo and autorickshaw

If the license holder will pass the exam with their skill the accident will be definitely will be decreased. So, please first be perfect and try for trial.

Here is the Re-Trial Notice


  • The user must have citizenship, voucher and if the user is for add category comes with their license (Not with photocopy or duplicate must come with original documents).
  • The candidate must come at the exact date and in time, otherwise, the DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT office will not be responsible.

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