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Question Paper of Business Communications | BBS 2nd Year 2074

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Tribhuvan University


B.B.S. 4 Years. Program/ II Year/ Management                Full Marks: 100

Business Communications (MGT 205)                               Time: 3 hrs.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.
The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group “A”

Attempt ALL the questions.

1. Answer any TWO of the following: [2×15=30]

a. Write what do you think of the future of your country regarding:

– the birth rate

– the employment rate


Will they go up or down? What factor will affect the change? What can the government do? Is it a good or bad thing for the country?

b. Write a letter to a local newspaper appealing for support for a project to help young people in your town, and to provide a youth club for poor children who otherwise would have nowhere to go in the evening.

c. Giving reasons, write what would you do in the following situation?

Your boss asks you to do some overtime on an evening when you have in important family meeting. You are currently being considered for promotion.


Write an article about recent change in the role of man and women in your country.

2. Answer any FIVE of the following: [5×10=50]

a. Write an email to a colleague from another department that you haven’t met before. You are going to a conference together and need to arrange hotels, flights, and meals together. Write an email introducing yourself and suggesting a location for a pre-conference meeting.

b. Rewrite these sentences to make them clearer and more precise:

i. It is essential that a check is made to ensure that the disk drive unit is switched on before or disks are inserted into the drive unit.

ii. The following points should be borne in mind when dealing with communication problems.

iii. In this document an analysis is made of all the possible solutions.

iv. The two cars were bought by our company last year.

v. The form should be completed in black ink.

c. How important is personal image in Nepal? What are the main status symbols, for example, luxury cars, designer clothes, education in private schools.

d. Write a letter complaining about inefficient bus service which you use every day to get to work. Explain the inconveniences that you and others have to put up with, and suggest ways of improving the service.

e. Write a memo eating habits intended to encourage people to eat more sensibly.

f. Write a memo on the death of a women who started in a company as a cleaner, and gradually worked her way up to more and more influential positions; she always fought for women’s rights, both inside the firm and outside.

3. Answer any TEN of the following: [10×2=20]

a. Complete the sentences:

i. If you finish early, you …… home.

ii. You should tell her immediately, if you …… the package.

b. Write two sentences making an invitation and accepting it.

c. Complete the sentences using appropriate linking words:

i. I have enjoyed working in the sales department for the last six years. ……, I feel that I am ready for a different kind of challenge.

ii. The insider trading scandal was revealed in the press yesterday. …… several executives have been taken into custody.

d. Complete the sentences with one of the words in brackets:

i. Could you do this by tomorrow. (just, please)

ii. I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to that question. (actually, possibly)

e. Match the words and the phrase ethos, corporate bonding, strategy and morale with the definitions below:

i. the amount of confidence and enthusiasm that a person or group has at a particular time.

ii. the attitudes and ideas of a particular group.

iii. joining together and feeling part of the same company.

iv. a plan of how to achieve something.

f. When you chair a meeting, what do you say to start the meeting and to close it?

g. Change the following into reported speech:

‘It’s not fair, ‘said Laxmi. ‘Why does the company have to treat me so badly? These sort of things never happen to anybody else.’

h. Punctuate the following sentences:

i. we need the following two boiling fowls a kilo of potatoes and one large onion.

ii. were going, and youre staying she said.

i. In the following sentences, put on appropriate linking word or phrase to bring out the relationship between the parts.

i. My 8- year-old son often cooks dinner for the family. On occasions he has …… cooked a meal for visitors.

ii. My grandmother has been blind for many years …… she insists on living alone and doing everything for herself.

j. Put the following sentences in the right order:

i. it is a large two-storey house with an ample garden.

ii. I don’t like to stand there and stare in, but even a quick glance tells you that everything is perfectly kept.

iii. Along the street from where I live is a house that is something of a mystery.

iv. This is surrounded by a high wall, and the only post where you can see inside is the gate.

k. Put an apostrophe where one is necessary in the following sentences:

i. She wont go to the dentists because its too late.

ii. What’s the sense in saying its Janaks?

l. Choose the most appropriate words and phrases given below to fill in the blanks so as to bring out the writer’s attitude to what he is saying.

I am writing concerning last week’s editorial, ‘Discipline in our schools (1) …… I do not write letters to newspapers, but I feel that I have to write on this occasion. (2) ……, I got extremely angry when I read the editorial, which virtually maintained that discipline is the same as cruelty. (3) ……, when I was at school, we were told what to do, and we did it. (4) ……, if we did not, we were punished. And if we repeatedly refused to obey, we were punished severely.

1. a. Generally speaking b. Of course c. Personally

2. a. Frankly b. Literally c. In my opinion

3. a. Strictly b. Personally c. Quite properly

4. a. In short b. Naturally c. Undoubtedly

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