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Processor socket

Processor socket is used to attach processor in the motherboard. There are different types of processor socket.

Socket 7: Socket 7 is used by Pentium I processor.

Socket 370: Socket 370 is used by Pentium III processor.

Socket 423 & Socket 478: Socket 423 was used by Intel Pentium 4 later replaced by socket 478.

Socket 775: Also known as LGA 775 (Land grid array) is used by Pentium 4 CPU. The socket 775 has no pin holes instead it has pins. Which touch contact point on the underside of the processor.

AGP slot

The AGP (Accelerated Graphic Port) slot is a single slot dedicated to high speed video. AGP is also used for video upgrading.


Most desktop system have one or more PCI slots. The PCI slots is very flexible supporting all types of expansion cards including video card.


PS/2 port is used to connect mouse and keyboard. The PS/2 port cannot be used for other type device. For keyboard (purple color), for mouse (green color).

Parallel Port (LPT 25 pin)

The parallel port is also known as the LPT (line printer) port. The parallel port is commonly used for printer. The parallel port uses IRQ 7 (Interrupt Request).

USB ports

The USB (Universal Serial Bus) port is the most flexible external port type. It can be used for printing devices, input devices, imaging devices, all types of storage devices. Almost every devices can be connected to USB. USB 1.1 (12 Mbps top speed) has been replaced by USB 2.0 (HIGH SPEED USB 4580 Mbps top speed).

Video port

System with integrated video include a VGA port. The VGA port is of 15 pin female port (DB 15F). some systems mainly those with AGP or PCI slot also contains eight pin s-video port for T.V. out and DVI for LCD and LED.


UPS is an electronic device that continuously to supply electric power to the load for certain periods of time during a loss of main power form electricity board or when the power fluctuates from normal limit. Main function – To mate power supply uninterruptable.

Types of UPS

Standby UPS: It includes a transfer switch that switches the load to the battery/ inverter, in case the primary A/C power source falls. The transfer time typically is 1-15 ms (micro second) and the power to the load will be interrupted.

Inline UPS: It is also called as line interactive UPS which under normal condition smooths and to some degree regulator the input A/C voltage by a filter and a tap changing transformer.

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