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Principles of Management | 4 Yrs. BBS | First Year Exam Paper 2075

Principles of Management | 4 Yrs. BBS | First Year Exam Paper 2075. This is the exam paper of bbs first year subject for principles of management 2075.

Table of Contents

Tribhuvan University


BBS Years Program/ 1st year / MGMT  | Full Marks: 100

Subject: Principles of Management (MGT 213) | Time: 3 hrs.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group A

Brief Answer Questions [10×2=20]

Attempt all questions.

1. What is organizational goal?

2. Define goal displacement.

3. What is business ethics?

4. Define non-programme decision.

5. What is SWOT analysis?

6. Give the meaning of span control.

7. What is organization?

8. Define motivation.

9. Which skills are essential for higher level manager.

10. Define reward.

Group B

Descriptive answer questions. [5×10=50]

Attempt any five questions.

11. How goal succession takes place? Explain the conditions responsible for goal succession. [4+6]

12. Define management and explain the functions management.  [3+7]

13. What is contingency theory? Discuss its features and limitations. [3+7]

14. Define motivation and explain dual fector theory of motivation. [4+6]

15. What is business environment? Discuss the components of economic environment. [3+7]

16. What is social responsibility? Explain the social responsibility towards employees. [3+7]

Group C

Analytical answer questions. [2×15=30]

Attempt any two questions.

17. Do you have that environment scanning is important for the success of an organization? Explain different method, used of environment scanning. [5+10]

18. Define departmentation and discuss the various bases of departmentation. [5+10]

19. State and explain the major problems faced by business enterprises in Nepal. [15]

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