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Population Education/ Studies – NEB Grade XI Exam Paper 2075 (2018)

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Population Education Studies Exam Paper 2075 (2018)

NEB – Grade XI 2075 (2018) Population Education/ Studies | Sub. Code: 146’A’

Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Time: 3 hrs. | Full Marks: 80

Group A

Attempt any two questions. 2×16=32

  1. List down the seven measures of fertility. Describe any three of them with examples. [4+3×4]
  2. Solve the following equations by matrix method. [7+6+3]

2x+8y+5z=5; x+y+z=-2; x+2y-z=2

3. Describe the composition of population of Nepal by age, sex, religion, ethnicity, mother-tongue and point out their distribution by geographical regions as per 2011 census of Nepal.

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Group B

Attempt any six questions [6×8=48]

4. Explain the concepts and stages of Demographic transition theory with the help of graphical presentation. 2+4+2

5. Define population education and describe the major content area of it. 2+6

6. List down eight pulling and pushing factors each responsible for migration. 4+4

7. Define population management and suggest any five measures to solve population problems in Nepal. 3+5

8. What is census? Mention its techniques and characteristics. 2+3+3

9. Write short notes on:

a) Population pyramid

b) Population density

10. The population of a city was 127000 and 220000 respectively in 2001 and 2011. Compute annual population growth rate of the city by exponential method. 8

11. In a group of people 80 speak Nepali, 30 speak Maithali language and 10 speak both Nepali and Maithali. How many speak at least one of these two languages? 8

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