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Piano – Four Levels of Interactions | Flax Golden Tales

Piano – Four Levels of Interactions | Flax-Golden Tales

piano 4 levels

Piano – David Herbert Lawrence, England (1885-1930)

Literal Comprehension

The time is evening. A woman is singing a song and trying to attract the poet. But the poet is distracted and remembers the childhood days in which he used to sit under the piano and listen to his mother’s piano playing. There were boom (sound) of the tingling (ringing) strings (wires). Although the poet tries to control himself, the mastery of the song still carries him back to the old Sunday evening a home. There was winter outside and hymns (song of praise) in the cozy parlor inside. He weeps to belongs to those days. The poet realizes that his manhood is made in the remembrance of his childhood. He wants to pass all his days just like a child. So it is useless for the woman to sing the song with more deep feelings.


The poet has shown his close attachment to his mother through his nostalgic (related childhood) feelings. The poet may also be trying that childhood is more pleasant than manhood and childhood memories are dominant and stronger things even in manhood; we can’t escape from them easily. The poet may also be trying to present the power and value of music to the human being because of the music in the poem. The poet has also focused the happy and romantic childhood experience which become always pleasant in life. In this way, he has shown his deep love to his mother.

Critical Thinking

Although the poem is very interesting to read, there are some points in the poem with which I don’t agree. How can a man weep like a child listening to the music? Now the poet is in his manhood. So I don’t think it is natural for him to weep like a child in the presence of a young woman. Rather than being attracted to her. Is it possible that beautiful song of a woman distracts a man? Who is this woman beloved? It is not clear in the poem. Can we ever hate our manhood? Are all childhood memories pleasant?


After reading this poem, I remember my old days with my mother like the poet. It reminds me ho my mother used to teach me alphabet letters making me sit in her laps. While teaching she used to smile and sing nursery songs beautifully. I also enjoyed and learned quickly.

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