Compulsory Nepali – SEE Exam Paper 2075 – Download PDF

see exam paper 2075

Compulsory Nepali Grade 10 Find the exam paper of Compulsory Nepali grade 10 (SEE Exam Paper 2075) which was held on 2075 (2019) Download the original exam paper of SEE and do the preparation for your exam. Best of Luck! Download the PDF file of SEE Exam Paper 2075 For Lok Sewa Exam preparation go … Read more

Science – SEE Exam Paper 2075 (2019)

SCIENCE SEE Exam Paper 2075

SEE Exam Paper 2075 (2019) Time: 2.15 hrs. | Full Marks: 75 Answer all the questions. Group A Write short answer of the following questions. 15×1= a. Write short answer of the following questions. b. State Archimede’s principle. c. What is geo-thermal energy? d. Write the formula of power lens. e. What is step up … Read more

Health, Population, Environment – SEE Exam Paper 2075

Health, Population, Environment Compulsory Health, Population and Environment Education – SEE 2075 (2019) Exam Paper Group A Write very short answers to the following questions. What is meant by biological aspect? What would be the population density of Nepal if the total population is 2, 64, 94, 504? Write the example of any one basic … Read more