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Pandora’s Box


For the first time, a Scottish scientist succeeded in cloning a sheep named Dolly. But his work is still controversial because on this activities, many bioethicists like Mcgee and Arthur Caplain opposed. In the given essay, a sterile man went to hospital and doctor assured him that he could have a baby by cloning and his forthcoming son would be the carbon copy of him. Doctor may have said so because of the past successful cloning of Scottish ship. In face cloning a mammal from mature or robost body is the sudden advertisement of science. Many people on this advancement keepfearful view in its ethical aspect. A bioethicist, Glenn Mcgee said that cloning is very near to photocopy machine because it can make the exact cop in shape, size, form etc.

In 1994, National Advisory Board on Ehics in Reproduction (NABER) reported that cloning was quite bizarre and it is morally wrong. It also advocates that the condition to be a sterile husband or wife is quite rare, so human cloning can work well in practical life. Execution Director of NABER said that human being would not satisfied with a sexual reproduction. It mean they want to have a birth of baby by natural sex. Arthur Caplain who was also a bioethicist asked the question on cloning supporter: “what will we do if we produce a malformed baby?” Caplain added that by the help of cloning, Abraham Lincoln could be made but he would not re real Lincoln but he would be new Lincoln.

If fact, like in Jurassic Park, experiments on cloning does not suggest to recreate extinct animal like dinosaur. The writer implicitly do not want cloning of species. So, he thinks that cloning on extincting animal again and again is bad idea.

To make his ideas strong, the writer he again brings the view of Caplain. According to Caplain, making exact copy of species in terms of size and shape doesn’t mean that he/ she created actual species because to make the similar exact copy needs the similar brain but cloning species only have similar form, or sizes but have different brain. So, he said that duplicate leg of mutton or lamb chops will be interesting if our goal is to eat it.

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