Difference Between Computer Courses in Nepal

Difference Between Computer Courses In Nepal

Computer science is a hot topic amongst students after they complete their +2.  Such students need to understand the difference between BCA, BIT, B.Sc Computing (Hons), B.Sc. CSIT, and BE Computer. Or you might end up choosing a course that you’ll regret later. With exams of 12th grade coming near, students seem to have a … Read more

Study in the USA [University Fee, Cost of Living and Others]

Study in USA

With America slowly loosening its immigration policies, many Nepali students are looking forward to opportunities to study in the USA. From the culture to quality education and the income opportunities, there are various good things about America; the country has a lot to offer. Students from all around the world apply to universities in the … Read more

Difference between BBA, BBS, BBM, and B. Com

Business Courses in Nepal

Are you confused about what to study at Bachelors’s Level? Most Nepali students who pass their take Management as their major in +2 level have this confusion. As there are so many options available, this dilemma is quite common. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To inform such students, we’ve discussed the comprehensive differences … Read more

Why BE Computer? Cost, Scope & Requirement

be course

Bachelor of Computer Engineering (also called BE Computer) is a 4 year, 8 semester course from Tribhuvan University. Right now, around 14 colleges offer this degree. And out of all the students who want to study it, only 710 students are able to actually study this degree because of the competition. The aim of this … Read more

Why BBS course? Course Requirements and Scope

bbs course

Bachelors of Business Studies (BBS) is a 4 year Bachelor Program in Nepal. This business degree is a very old degree so, it doesn’t have the modern semester system. Instead, the students have to give final exams every year. The BBS degree comes under the Faculty of Management. It can be studied after you have … Read more

Why BBA Course? Cost, Scope & Requirements


The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a Business Degree offered by Tribhuvan University. It is a semester style program which is targeted towards management graduates. Science graduates, however, can also study this degree. The degree is designed for developing management professionals to fill the middle to senior level management positions in various business sectors. … Read more

Why B.Sc. CSIT? Cost, Requirements & Scope

why bsc csit

The Bachelors in Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc. CSIT) is a bachelor’s degree by Tribhuvan University. It is a Computer Science degree that has some areas of  Information Technology also included. It is a hybrid degree and there are a lot of subjects that you can study in this course. The course is of … Read more

Why BIM Course? Cost, Scope & Requirements

why bim

Information Management is the study of information and communication systems in various areas of Business, Management and Administration. It deals with the study of models, methods and tools for analyzing information systems. The Bachelor’s of Information Management (BIM) is a special course from Tribhuvan University that is designed to produce creative and hardworking IT professionals. … Read more