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Organizational chart of food and beverage department | Hotel Management | Grade XI

Food and Beverage Service

Long  Answer Questions

  1. Draw an organizational chart of food and beverage department and show the sections staffing, and also discuss the job responsibilities of food and beverage manager.


Staffing and divisions and duty and responsibility is based on the scale of operation and number of outlets. Job responsibilities of food and beverage manager are discussed below.

The food and beverage manager is the head of the food and beverage service in a large hotel. He is responsible for the overall functioning of the food and beverage department. He prepares job roster and is involved in selecting and recruiting of F & B staffs. He organizes regular meeting with the outlet heads and reports to the general manager. The F & B manager in co-ordination with the executive chef updates the menu. He evaluates the food cost and revenue to determine the effectiveness of his department. He is also responsible for quality control, manpower development and budgeting of F & B department.

  • The F & B Manager ensures the quality control in terms of efficiency of staffs. They are trained, motivated to maintain the standard of the organization.
  • This F & B Manager ensures the quality for, selection, remnant, training, promotions, transfers and dismissals in the department.
  • He holds regular meetings with section heads, to ensure that both routine as well as projected activities of the department go on as planned.
  • He analysis the shortcomings in the activities and ensures improvements.
  • Constantly evaluating systems and keeping the top management informed.
  • Attends the manager’s meetings and circulates the organizations’ regulations to his subordinates.
  • Budgeting is the other responsibility of the F & B manager. He should ensure that each outlet in the department achieves the estimate profit margins.
  • Coordinating different outlets, their performance and objectives
  1. Name any ten items of cutlery and crockery with their uses.

Ans: Food and Beverage service unit is one of the most important departments of the hotel and restaurant business. It is direct contact with guest. The service of this department determines the quality of the hotel. To service the guest it needs different types of equipment. Some tools are used to store, some are used to carry food and others used to serve. Some are used by customers and some are used by the waiters. The items used on the table are known as Tableware. The tableware are classified as hollowware and cutlery/ flatware.

Cutlery refers to group of knives, forks and spoons and other cutting equipments. They are used by guest to eat.

Some Examples of cutlery are

Spoon:  Soup, dessert, tea

Fork:      Joint, fish dessert

Knife:    Asparagus knife, Butter knife, Fruit knife, Cheese knife,

Tong:     Sugar tong, Ice tong.

Crockery: Its quality represents the standard of the service so special attention must be given to select and maintain properly. Hotel crockery are classified as Bone china, Earth ware, Stone ware, Porcelain. It comes in different size and shape for different purpose.

Sweet plate: to serve sweet deserts

Soup cup: to serve soup.

Plates: Half plate, Full plate: to serve food

Tea cup and Saucer

Sugar basin,

Butter dish

Egg cups

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