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Objective Questions Answer of Computer Operator | Lok Sewa Aayog | Solved

Computer Operator | Lok Sewa Aayog

1. To which SVGA is related?

a) CPU

b) Keyboard

c) Monitor

d) None

2. Which is the invalid Capacity of Floppy disk?

a) 1.24 MB

b) 1.44 MB

c) 360 KB

d) 720 KB

3. Modem Converts the data in to the

a) Voice

b) Data

c) Signal

d) Data and Voice

4. The highway information technology is known as

a) Superhighway

b) Information Superhighway

c) Main high way

d) None of the above

5. What plays the role of interface between CPU and User?

a) RAM

b) ROM

c) Keyboard

d) Monitor

6. Which of the following is the most common Storage device?

a) Magnetic Tape

b) Floppy Disk

c) Hard Disk

d) None

7. The keystroke is converted in the ……………. code.



c) Decimal

d) None

8. Put ……………. symbol to make label to the number in Ms Excel?

a) Comma(,)

b) Dollor($)

c) Apostrophe(‘)

d) Semicolon (;)

9. In Excel filter is available on ……….menu.

a) Tools

b) Data

c) Edit

d) View

10. If there is=sum (A1:A8) and A1=1, A2=2, A3=3 and A4=11, A5=12 the result will be

a) 7

b) 17

c) 22

d) 29

11. What will be the result when column is insert column in Excel?

a) The column moves to left

b) The column moves to right

c) Left must menu

d) Right must menu

12. In Microsoft word what is the shortcut key to break column ?

a) Ctrl +Enter

b) Ctrl +Shift + Enter

c) Alt + Enter

d) Alt + Shift + Enter

13. To see all of the slides on one screen you can use

a) Normal view

b) Outline view

c) Slide sorter view

d) Hands out view

14. The collection of picture, document, sound, table, text in Ms-power point is called?

a) Document

b) Presentation

c) File

d) None of the above

15. What is the shortcut key to Slide show?

a) F4

b) F5

c) F2

d) F3

16. Fields are also termed as?

a) Column

b) Record

c) Entity

d) Row

17. Which option allows importing slide to carry slide form on computer to another computer?

a) Pack and go

b) Save as

c) Export

d) Save as Presentation slide show

18. Table is the grid of

a) Cells

b) Columns and Row

c) Column

d) None of the above

19. Which symbols formula being with?

a) =

b) +

c) (

d) @

20. To create New file in Ms-Powerpoint

a) Ctrl + S

b) Ctrl + N

c) Ctrl + M

d) Ctrl +Y

21. Which command is used to clear the screen and places the cursor in the beginning of the screen?

a) Ctrl + C

b) CLD

c) Close

d) Esc

22. How many possible ways a word document can be save?

a) 1

b) 3

c) 4

d) 2

23. How many Steps have to create a letter by using mail merge in word document ?

a) 4

b) 2

c) 3

d) 6

24. In which toolbar does text box lies?

a) Drawing Toolbar

b) Formatting Toolbar

c) Standard Toolbar

d) None of the above

25. A text formatting can do

a) Formats only text

b) Formats table & Figure

c) Formats Text, Table and figure

d) None of the above

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26. Which menu is used to edit footnote?

a) File

b) View

c) Edit

d) Insert

27. Where we can insert page number in Word document?

a) Header

b) Header Footer

c) Footer only

d) Middle of the page

28. Which is the database programme?

a) Ms-Access

b) Ms Word

c) Ms Power-point

d) Ms paint

29. Which relation can’t execute in access?

a) One to many

b) Many to many

c) Many to one

d) None of the above

30. How can we make many files in different location and name?

a) By copying

b) By Save in different name

c) Saving from Save As

d) None of the above

31. Which is super Conductor?

a) Gallium Arsenide

b) Silicon

c) Copper

d) Iron

32. WWW stands for

a) World Wide Web

b) Web World Wide

c) Internet

d) None

33. The programme written in ROM is called?

a) Firmware

b) ROM ware

c) Software

d) None of the above

34. A single cheap that consist of the entire computer circuit is called

a) IC

b) Microprocessor

c) Vacuum tube

d) None of the above

35. Secondary memory is called?

a) Auxiliary memory

b) External memory

c) Non-volatile memory

d) all

36. The Fifth Generation of computer is also known as

a) Bio chips

b) Artificial intelligence

c) Sophisticated Technology

d) All of the above

37. Which of the following command / operation increase the speed of processor?

a) Disk Fragmentation

b) Disk formatting

c) Scandisk

d) All of the above

38. The first mechanical machine to add is

a) Abacus

b) Pascaline

c) Stepped reckoner

d) Slide rule

39. Who is known as father of modern digital computer?

a) Charles Babbage

b) Blaise pascel

c) Bill gets

d) John Napier

40. How many symbols exist in baud rate?

a) 57

b) 58

c) 59

d) 60

41. The language which is directly understood by computer is

a) Machine language

b) High Level language

c) Low Level Language

d) Interpreter

42. Which of the following is a system file essential for booting a computer in Dos system?

a) IO.sys

b) MsDos.sys


d) All of the above

43. Which is not component of a computer system?

a) Hardware

b) Software

c) Firmware

d) Maleware

44. Which is not characteristic of first generation of computer?

a) Vacuum tubes as switching device

b) Punched card as input device

c) Use of machine or assembly language

d) All of the above

45. Who invented microprocessor?

a) Marcian ted Hoff

b) John manchly

c) John Napier

d) Howard Aiken

46. Which was the first intel Microprocessor developed in 1971?

a) Intel 4004

b) Intel 8008

c) Intel 8080

d) None of the above

47. The language translator that converts assembly languages into machine code is called

a) Assembler

b) Translator

c) Compiler

d) Interpreter

48. Which is spreadsheet software?

a) Excel

b) Lotus 1-2-3

c) Quatropro

d) All of the above

49. Which key is used remove character right of the cursor?

a) Backspace

b) Delete

c) Right Arrow

d) left Arrow

50. Which key is used to move cursor down on page length?

a) Page down

b) Shift + Page down

c) Ctrl + Page down

d) Alt + Page down

Answer Sheet

1 c 2 a 3 c 4 b 5 c 6 b 7 a 8 c 9 B 10 d 11 b 12 b 13 c 14 b 15 B 16 A 17 a 18 b 19 a 20 b  21 b 22 b 23 D 24 a 25 c 26 d 27 b 28 a 29 b 30 C 31 a 32 a 33 a 34 b 35 d 36 c 37 D 38 b 39 a 40 b 41 a 42 d 43 d 44 C 45 a 46 a 47 a 48 d 49 b 50 a

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