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Solved Objective Questions Answer of Computer Operator | Lok Sewa Aayog

1. What is maximum data size in Ms-Access?

a) 1 GB b)1.2 GB c) 1.4 GB d) None

2. When was first microprocessor develop?

a) 1991 b) 1981 c)1971 d) 1961

3. Form and Report is called

a) Object b) Field c)Record d) Column

4. Which one is not operating system?

a) Pll b) OS/2 c)Windows d) UNIX

5. Web style is……………

a) Content of the web page  b) Desktop style  c) Internet style  d) Brows style

6. Which one is not multitasking operating system?

a) Windows  b) Linux  c) Win NT  d) DOS

7. Which one is unique

a) Assign a common field  b) Primary key  c) a and b

8. Which function is used to find the Reminder?

a) avg()  b) div()  c) Fact()  d) mod()

9. Which standard is used for converting the keystroke into the corresponding bits?

a) ASCII  b) EBCDIC  c) ANSI  d) ISO

10. To Display the content of the disk to use

a) Format  b) Dir  c) copy  d) Winzip

11. Which one is not Hardware?

a) Zip drive  b) Hard disk  c) Zip disk   d) NIC

12. Which shortcut key is used for format remark?

a) Ctrl +Q  b) Ctrl + Z  c) Ctrl +M  d) Ctrl +P

13. Which one is odd? 

a) Monitor  b) Consol  c) Screen  d) Printer

14. How many ways can we go to control panel?

a) 1  b) 2  c) 3  d) 4

15. Which one is easily translation?

a) Win 95 to 98  b) Win NT to 98  c) Win 2000 to 98  d) Win 95 to 3.1

16. Which one is the last column ?

a) II  b) IV  c) IX  d) Vi

17. Which is included in table?

a) Record  b) Field  c) Index  d) All of the above

18. Which of the following input device?

a) Floppy disk  b) Monitor  c) Printer  d) Keyboard

19. Which one default sheet in MS- EXcel?

a) Sheet1 /sheet2/sheet3  b) Sheet3/Sheet2/Sheet1  c) Sheet1  d) 1/2/3

20. How many row in MS-excel?

a) 65535 b) 65636 c) 66535 d) 66536

21. How many maximum pages are available in note master view?

a) 2 b) 4 c) 6 d) 8

22. Which protocol is used to connect internet?

a) TCP/IP  b) SPX  c) Telnet

23. Which extension is used in MS-Power Point?

a) PPT b) POT c) PPP d) POP

24. Which one is odd?

a) Binary b) numeric c) Character d) External

25. To insert a form in form is called

a) Sub Form b) Query c) Report d) Form

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Objective Questions Answer of Lok Sewa Aayog | Computer Operator | PSC

Database Languages

26. The decimal equivalent of binary 111 is ……………..

a) 7 b) 8 c) 9 d) 10

27. Find sum (A1:A5 Find sum (A1:A7), if A1 = 1, A23=5, A3=1, A4=3, A5=4, A6=1,


a) 6 b) 14 c) 0 d) 16

28. The 0 and 1 in the binary number system are called binary digits or …………….

a) Bytes b) Kilo Bytes c) Decimal Bytes d) Bits

29. Which short-cut key is used to insert chart?

a) F10 b) F11 c) F2 d) F8

30. Best use of Ms-Excel is ……………

a) Word processing b) Spreadsheet management c) Payroll and Balance sheet d) Data processing

31. Which one is easiest way to insert a chart ?

a) Selected data and go to chart wizard b) By using shortcut key c) By clicking on insert menu d) None of the above

32. Which feature is available in custom animation?

a) Design template b) Transition c) Master slide d) 1971

33. The Power Point view that display only text (title & bullet) is

a) Slide shows b) Slide sorter view c) Outline view d) Note page view

34. To set line spacing

a) Format/Paragraph Toolbar b) Format/Paragraph /Indent c) Format/Paragraph/ Link d) Format/Paragraph/ Line Spacing

35. Primary key is ……………

a) Must not be null b) Unique c) Non Reductant d) All of the above

36. The default font in word 2003 is …………….

a) Arial b) Times New Roman c) Arial Black d) Monotype cursive

37. To insert the duplicate slide you use …………

a) Ctrl + M  b) Alt +D  c) Ctrl + D  d) None of the above

38. What is the name of vertical space of between two columns?

a) Orientation  b) Margin  c) Alignment  d) Indentation

39. What is capacity of MF2DD. 9 sector 80 tracks.

a) 360 KB  b) 720 KB  c) 1.2 MB  d) 1.24 MB

40. Which one is used to locate the web address that URL is .

a) Uniform resource locator b) Universal reform location c) Universal resource Location d) Universal Re- Locater

41. How many types of reference are there in excel?

a) 5 b) 3 c) 6 d) 9

42. To create unordered list you use …………

a) OI b) UI c) UII d) OII

43. Full form of MIDI is ……………

a) Musical Instrument Digital Interface b) Musical Interface decoding internet c) My intelligent doll Interface d) None of the above

44. Which is easiest method to go to MS-DOS?

a) Go to start and pull down program b) Click on icon of desktop c) Double click on My Computer d) None of the above

45. To print table structure is called

a) Designer b) Generator c) Analyzer d) Dynasts

46. While is not related to database

a) Form  b) Field c) Query d) Row and column

47. If you have to send a same letter to 100 customer use

a) Copy and paste b) Paste only letter c) Mail- merge d) Damage

48. Which type of website is used for university library?

a) Com b) net c) org d) edu

49. Which option is not available is shut down dialog box?

a) Stand by b) Network c) Restart d) Restart in Ms- Dos mode

50. Which is not in top of the page?

a) Header b) Footer c) Running Header d) Header and footer

Answer sheet

1. a 2. c 3. a 4. a 5. a 6. a 7. b 8. d 9. b 10. d 11. a 12. a 13. b 14. c 15. a 16. a 17. d 18.  a 19. a 20. d 21. c 22. a 23. a 24. d 25. a 26. a 27. d 28. d 29. b 30. b 31. c 32. b 33. b 34. d 35. d 36. b 37. c 38. b 39. b 40. a 41. b 42. b 43. a 44. a 45. c 46. b 47. c 48. d 49. d 50. b

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