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Nepal Bank Ltd Exam Paper 2075

Nepal Bank Ltd Exam Paper 2075 held on 2075/5/1 and 2075/5/2. This is original question paper of Nepal Bank Ltd Exam Paper 2075. Do better prepare for your exam. This is the question paper that we collect who stayed on exam of Nepal Bank Limited 2075 held on dated 2075/5/1 and 2075/5/2. Thank You

Lok Sewa Aayog

Nepal Bank Limited, Fourth, Post of Assistant Theoretical Exam Paper 2075

Paper: First

Time: 3 hrs.

Full Marks: 100

Section B

4. Highlight the meaning of ‘Book Keeping’. What are the advantages of preparing Book Keeping? Discuss the differences between Accounting the Book Keeping with suitable examples. 3+5+12=20

5. Based on the Banks and Financial Institution Act – 2073, describe the functions which commercial banks are permitted to do. 20

Paper: Second

Time: 3 hrs.

Full Marks: 100

4. What is meant by leadership? Write about behavioural theory of leadership. How does a leader influence the behaviour of his/ her followers towards the goal achievement of an organization? Explain. 3+7+10=20

5. What do you mean by computer? How does it help to increase the efficiency of an organization? Also write short notes about Word Processing System and Excel with their advantages. 3+5+6+6=20

Click here for download pdf file Nepal Bank Ltd Exam Paper 2075

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