Movement and Shift in Demand Curve

Movement along a demand curve Other things remaining constant quantity demanded will change due to the price change of the commodity. Demand decreases when the price of a commodity is increased. The decreases in demand due to the increase in price is known as contraction of demand. If the price of the commodity is decreased, … Read more

Market Demand curve and its derivation

Market Demand

Market Demand curve and its derivation The total amount of goods purchased by all consumers in any market at a time is known as market demand. It is the sum of all individual demand or the aggregation of the preference of all the individual of a commodity. The table which shows the various price-quantity relationships … Read more

Exceptions of the Law of Demand

Exceptions of the Law of Demand According to the law of demand, quantity demanded will increase with the fall in price and vice-versa. But the law will not be applicable when the non-price factors affecting demand are changed. In this situation, demand cannot be affected by the change in price or demand will be affected … Read more

Meaning of Supply | Definition

Meaning of Supply In general sense, supply denotes the availability of goods or the amount offered for sale. But, it has different meaning in economics. In economics, supply is the total amount of goods that producer wants to sell in certain price during a given period of time. It is related to the willingness and … Read more

Law of Demand | Economics | Grade XII

This is the note of law of demand for the subject of economics grade xii. This is important notes of grade xii for the subject of economics. Stay with us for latest and important notes of law of demand. We’ll updates regularly important notes for students. Thanks. Click here for download pdf file Law of … Read more

Demand Definition | Economics | Grade XII

Notes of Demand definition is for grade xii subject of economics. This is the definition of demand. NEB students easily read it online for free. Stay with us for more important notes for their study. We’ll updating daily new notes for all the students. Thanks for visiting our site. Click here for download pdf file Demand … Read more

Market Economy Definition

This is the notes of Economics grade xii. Read this notes and grow your knowledge. This is complete notes and definition of market economy definition. The note of market economy definition is very much helpful and important for NEB grade xii students of grade xii class 12 for their final exam. Stay with us for … Read more

Economics paper 2075 (2018) | NEB | Grade XI | Subject code: 226

NEB-Grade XII 2075 (2018) Economics (Old Course) Sub. code: 226 Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks. Time: 3 hrs.                                        … Read more