Difference between Internal Energy and Enthalpy Heat

Internal and enthalpy Internal Energy (E) Enthalpy (H) i. Internal energy is defined as the sum of different forms of energies associated with atoms, ions or molecules in a system also called molecular energy like kinetic energy, Potential energy, chemical bond energy etc. It is represented by E or U Hence, E = KE + … Read more

What is empirical formula? Grade XII | Chemistry

1. What is empirical formula? Ans: The empirical formula of a compound is the simplest formula, which indicates the relative number of atoms of each type of element present in a molecule of that compound or a substance. It indicates the whole number ratio of different kinds of atoms in the molecule, which can be obtained … Read more

Structure of Methane – Chemistry II | Questions Answer


Predict the structure of methane based on hybridization. Ans: Methane is a tetrahedral covalent molecule having bond angle 10928′. The mode of hybridization in C-atom in methane is . The tetrahedral structure of methane on the basis of hybridization can be explained as follows: The electronic configuration of C and H are Mode of hybridisation … Read more