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Front Office Department

Short Answer Questions

  1. Define the Tariff. [2]

Ans: Tariff is the price of service such as import tariff, air tariff, etc. It is also related to government tax. Hotels and airlines prefer to use the word tariff as they are selling service.

All organizations either profit organization or non-profit organization must be able to sale their offer. Sale is the delivery of organizations’ offer to the receiver. The value fixed for exchange is price or tariff.

  1. Define the Front office. [2]

Ans: Front office is one of the most important sections of a tourist hotel. This unit is responsible for the sale of hotel rooms. It does the reservation, receives and registers the guests, assigns the rooms and acts as a continuous source of information to the guests during their stay at the hotel and finally collects the dues for the services provided. Most of the visitor’s impression is the first encounter of the hotel staff. The front office is the first and last point of contact of every guest. So the department is termed as “image building”. It functions as the “nerve center”. The department also develops and maintains up-to-date database of guest information, guest services and ensures guest satisfaction.

  1. Explain the Registration procedure. [5]

Ans: Registration is a process to record the guest name, address, nationality, etc. It is the act of recording necessary information related to guests.

It is mandatory to maintain a record of hotel guests, as it is the source of information to the government or the local authority on the movement of people in the country. The registration of the guest names, etc. protects both the hotel owner and the guest from the legal complications.

The registration job includes preregistration activities, registration, and assigning rooms, inform rate and agree on mode of payment, issuing room key, and escorting guest to the rooms.

  • Pre-registration: the job includes preparation of Card, Record System, assign the staff, etc. To make simple and easy registration pre entry of some basic information of VIP, CIP, Group checking can be done.
  • Record guest information: after guest arrival guest information is recorded. It includes guest detail, arrival details and travel details.
  • Assign room: this to allocate room as per guest request. Some guest may have pre-reservation and some guests are walk-in guests. This job includes entry room no. issue key pass/ code, coupons, etc.
  • Agree on rate and mode of payment: if there is no pre agreement of rate it is necessary to determine rate and inform the guest. The guest needs to agree on the rate and agree on how he is going to clear the bill. If guest is going to use credit card get the print of it.
  • Issue key: entry the key no. and issue the key with key card.
  • Escorting the guest to the room: the bellboy will escort the guest to their room.

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