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Nature and Scope of Botany

Different between plants and animals

Plants Animal
Growth: They show unlimited growth (growth till death) Growth is stopped before death (limited growth)
Body: Teighly branch Compact body
Feeding: They prepare them own food (Antotrophic) Cannot preprare food (Heterotrophic)
Loco notoin: Plants show loco notion of some plants. Move with whole body.
Seusifis: Less sensitive Highly sensitive
Plants use co2/ light during photosynth thasis Do not use co2/ light
Life activities: Plans show important life activities Show multiple life activities
Cell Wall: Found in plant cell Absent
Chloroplast: Found in plant cell Absent
Chorophipll: Found in plant cell Absent
Centoosome: Not found Contoosome present
Vacuole: Large vacuole present Absent/ very small
Roserve food: Starch Glycogen

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Relation of Biology with Physics

a. Light:

It is studied in physics but light is important for photo systhosis which is biological pheromenon. Therefore to understand photosysnthesis we should know about light.

b. Temperature:

It is physical factor. It helps in growth development, metabolism seed germination etc.

c. Energy:

Very essential for life activities. It is stored in cell in the form of ATP. But it is studied in physics.

d. Force:

Cohesive force (attraction force between same motechles) and Adhesive force lattraction force between different molecules are essential for water conduction and transportation of substances in body.

Relation of Biology with Chemistry

  1. Body of organisms is made up various organic and inorganic molecules.
  2. There should be knowledge of chemical reaction to understand of biological processes.


  1. Hormones enzymes, vitamins, antibiotics drugs are chemical.
  2. PH value is important for body flinid.

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