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Model questions for Graduate Pharmacy Student

Nepal Pharmacy Council (NPC) Licensure Examination Model Questions (Pharmacist)

1. What is the most important focus of pharmaceutical care?

a.Pharmacist c. Patients b.Prescription d. Patient chart

2. A solution contains 1.25 mg of a drug per milliliter. At what rate should the solution be infused (drops/min) if the drug is to be administered at a rate of 80 mg/hour? (1 ml=30 drops)

a.64 c. 2 b.32 d. 20

3. Which of the following plant is used as antihypertensives?

a. Rhubarb c. Rawolfia b. Rubus d. Rhododendron

4. All the following are proton pump inhibitors except

a.Metronidazole c. Omeprazole b.Pantoprazole d. Esomeprazole

5. Which one is not medicine distribution system for inpatient?

a.Floor stock system c. Patient prescription system b.Full course system d. Unit dose dispensing system

6. Creatinine clearance is used as a measurement of

a.Renal excretion rate c. Active renal secretion b.Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) d. Drug metabolism rate

7. Which one of the following is penicillinase resistant penicillin………

a.Cloxacillin c. Ampicillin b.Amoxicillin d. Phenoxymethyl penicillin

8. Which of the following drugs is more likely to cause pulmonary toxicity?

a.Aminobenzoic acid c. Amiodarone b.Chlorpromazine d. Ceftriaxone

9. Effect of oral contraceptive pills is inhibited by …………

a.Cimetidine c. Ethambutol b.Rifampicin d. Propanolol

10. The following drug shows flu like syndrome…………..

a.Rifampin c,Tetracycline b.Phenytoin d. Pyrazinamide

11. What is the wholesale price of an item which is being sold on retail at Rs. 16.82 (if the profit margin is 16%)?

a.Rs. 14.50 c. Rs. 14.13 b.Rs. 14.23 d. Rs. 14.128

12. One of the following is known as physical antidote

a.Activated charcoal c. Potassium permanganate b.Tannic acid d. Milk of magnesia

13. An optically active compound rotates the plane of the polarized light because of the following phenomenon:

a.Reflection c. Diffraction b.Refraction d. Absorption

14. The molecular weight of a compound is obtained and analyzed by:

a.A Mass Spectrometry c. NMR Spectroscopy b.IR Spectroscopy d. UV-Visible Spectroscopy

15. The indicator used in the direct titration with EDTA to determine calcium in test sample is:

a.Xylenol orange c. Pyrocatecal violet b.Erichrome Black T d. Crystal Violet

16. Biological Oxidation and reduction occur during the ———-of Biotransformation:

a.First Phase c. Conjugation phase b.Entry phase d. Second Phase

17. All of the followings are Neurotransmitters except:

a.GABA c. NMDA. b.Acetylcholine d. Inisitol Triphosphate

18. Tick the medication that is not Tricyclic Antidepressant:

a.Trimipramine c. Fluoxetine b.Amitryptylline d. Imipramine

19. Opium alkaloids are the examples of?

a.Imidazole alkaloids c. Tropane alkaloids b.Isoquinoline alkaloids d. Pyridine alkaloids

20. One of the following compounds contains 7-membered cycle in its structure:

a.Barbiturates c. Benzodiazepines b.Isoquinoline d. ACE inhibitors

21. Spectrophotometric Analysis is based on:

a.Boil’s Law c. Molecular Vibrations b.Dalton’s Law d. Bear’s –Lambert’s Law

22. The “OH” absorption band in IR spectra appears:

a. Below 1000 cm-1 . c. Below1800 cm-1 b. Above 3500 cm-1 d. Just below 3000 cm-1

23. . The concentration of Methyl paraben as preservative in syrup is:

a. 0.01 to 0.3 %. c. 1.0 to 2.0 % b. 0.1 to 0.3 %. d. 2.0 to 5.0 %.

24. Which one of the following drug is relatively safer in pregnancy?

a.Metformin c. Acyclovir b.Ranitidine d. Glibenclamide

25. Size “O” suture cannot be used for

a.Foot skin c. Abdomen skin b.Scalp skin d. Face skin

26. Which of the following drug is not contraindicated to the patient on Warfarin?

a.Aspirin c. Diclofenac b.Phenytoin d. Allopurinol

27. Which one of the following drugs is contraindicated while the patient is in Ceftriaxone?

a.Fluoxitine c. Calcium gluconate b.Tamsulosin d. Potassium chloride

28. All of the followings are the ingredients of an effervescent tablet except:

a.Tannic acid c. Citric acid b.Sodium bicarbonate d. Tartaric acid

29. Long term stability study is carried out at ————– temperature:

a.40 O C c. 37 O C b.30 O C d. 26 O C

30. All of the following are used as tablet disintegrant except:

a.Starch c. Microcrystalline Cellulose b.Gelatin d. Sodium Starch Glycolate

31. Anhydrous lanoline is used in the preparation of ————– base:

a.Water soluble c. Water washable b.Emulsion. d. Absorption

32. One of the following is not the metabolite of Diazepam:

a.Temazepam c. Oxazepam b.Lorazepam d. Nordiazepam

33. Which of the following covers the various aspects of Quality Management System?

a. ISO 9000 c. ISO 14000 b.ISO 31000 d. ISO 45001

34. The maximum penalty against the sale of expired medicines, if the expired drug is not likely to cause injury to health.

a.Up to life imprisonment and fine b.Up to 10 years imprisonment and fine c.Up to 5 years imprisonment and fine d.Up to 3 years imprisonment and/or fine up to Rs. 25000

35. The provision of section 26 of Drugs Act, 2035 is…..

a.Trade mark c. Drug price b.Clinical trial d. Prohibition of drug

36. Classification of drug is given in………………..

a.Drug registration regulation c. Drug standard regulation b.Drug inspection regulation d. Drug Consultative Committee Regulation

37. Which one of the following is clinically important metabolic microsomal enzyme inducer?

a. Cimetidine c. b. Ketoconazole c. Rifampicin d. d. Isoniazide

38. A pharmacist should suggest to take plenty of water while dispensing……………

a.Chlorpheniramine c. Promethazine b.Cotrimoxazole d. Loperamide

39. How many milligrams of the penicillin are needed to prepare 120 g of a penicillin ointment containing 1000 units per gram (1 unit=0.6mcg)?

a.72mg c. 144mg b.7.2mg d. 0.72gm

40. What information should be covered through the first prime question during patient counseling?

a.Dosing schedule c. Storage recommendation b.Purpose of the medication d. Possible side effects

41. Which of the following will NOT alter the volume of distribution of a drug?

a.Cardiac failure c. Clearance b.Age d. Burns

42. Normal laboratory value of cholesterol is ……..

a.Less than 250mg/dl c. Less than 200mg/dl b.Less than 150mg/dl d. Less than 100/dl

43. What do you mean by abbreviation HS?

a.At bed time c. Between meals b.Immediately d. In the afternoon

44. Which of the following anti-hypertensive is not normally used in hypertension?

a.Diltiazem c. Amlodepine b.Tamsulosin d. Nifedipine

45. Alkalization of urine hastens the excretion of

a. Weakly basic drugs c. weakly acidic drugs b. strong electrolytes d. non-polar drugs

46. Which of the following drug is banned in Nepal? a.Morphine c. Metamizole b.Phenylbutazone d. Ergometrine

47. One of the common symptom of digoxin toxicity is associated with …….

a.Constipation c. Nausea b.Tachycardia d. Severe headache

48. Which of the following dosage form cannot be used to the patient on NG tube feeding?

a.Film coated tablets c. Sugar coated tablet b.Enteric coated tablets d. Dispersible tablets

49. Which route of drug administration is most likely to lead to the first-pass effect?

a.Sublingual c. Oral b.Transdermal d. Intramuscular

50. While selling or distributing IV fluids a pharmacist cannot check for…..

a.Leakage c. Pyrogen b.Particles d. Expiry date

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