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Where the Mind Is Without Fear – Four Levels of Interactions | Flax Golden Tales

Where the Mind Is Without Fear – Four Levels of Interactions | Flax-Golden Tales

Where the Mind Is Without Fear

Where the Mind Is Without Fear Rabindranath Tagore, India (1861-1941)

Literal Comprehension

Human being gains the knowledge freely if their mind is free from any kind of fear. The poet says that the modern world is full of dark and ugly like hell. Evils, injustice, violence, corruption, and inhumanity have made the world shadow or dark. As a result, the world is fragmented. There is no sense of unity, love, peace, and justice among the people. Therefore, the poet wishes to see ore this modern ugly world as a world of freedom, beauty, and heaven. He is optimistic to change the dark face of the world towards lightness and peaceful world by establishing humanity, injustice, rules and regulation, peace, equality, freedom, unity, and fraternity. For that, he prays with god to make the world as heaven.


The poem is dedicated to establishing humanity, peace, unity, justice, and freedom in the world. When there is knowledge free from any kind of violence, injustice, and discrimination, then, we can change the modern world into heaven. This poem attempts to visualize knowledge, courage, self-dignity, truth, reasonable thought and brotherhood feelings among all people of the world. The poet wants the world not fragmented rather united where all people of the world feel that they are under the same umbrella. So, he wishes to see the constructed new world avoiding destructiveness caused by the war, violence, injustice, discrimination, and jealousy. Dreaming such world, he prays to god to play the active role to transform the ugly and computing world to world of freedom, peace, and heaven. He even requests all people of the world to make and live in such a better world.

Critical Thinking

The poem is persuasive, moral and patriotic.  It shows the mirror of the society, country and the world where people think, do and live. In the corruption, violence, war, and discrimination, in another hand, he wants to see the world with humanity, spiritualism, love, justice and freedom. However, the poet seems to have run away from the reality of the world and try to form an imaginary heaven. Is it possible to make the present world to the world of heaven? Does God have any power and authority to change the world? Can the world exist without injustice, war, and violence? Is there God or not? Can it be possible to transform the real world into the ideal one?


I am very much impressed by the ideas of the poet, Tagore who expresses through the poem. It teaches me along with all people to construct a peaceful society where there is humanity, unity, and justice. If there is the polarization of free knowledge, self-respect, work, love, spiritualism, unity and brotherhood feelings among all people in my society as well as in the country, then our country itself will be the heaven of freedom, justice, equality, and peace.

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