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Meaning into Words – Unit 13: Process | Grade XII

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Process – Meaning Into Words
For: Class 12 | Solution of Work Book
Unit 13: Process

meaning into words

1. Complete the sentences by joining the following words using, When …

a. meet/ stranger – shake/ hands.

Ans: When you meet stranger, you shake hands.

b. eat/ meat – pay/ bill

Ans: When you eat the meal, you pay bills.

c. water/ boil – pour/ teapot

Ans: When you boil the water, you pour in teapot.

d. arrive/ border – show/ passport

Ans: When you arrive the border, you have to show the passport.

2. Write two sentences for each pair of events below, showing that the person did them in the right order:

Example:Turn off the mains/ tough the wire.

i. He turned off the mains before he touched the wire.

ii. He didn’t touch the wire until he’d turned off the mains.

a. Read the instruction/ switch on the machine.

Ans: i. He read the instructions/ switch on the machine.

ii. He didn’t switch on the machine until he’d read the instructions.

b. Measure the room/ order the carpet.

Ans: i. He measured the room before he ordered the carpet.

ii. He didn’t order the carpet until he’d measured the room.

c. Check his answer! leave the exam room.

Ans: i. He checked his answer before he left the exam room.

ii. He didn’t leave the exam room until he’d checked his answer.

d. Have their house decorated/ put it up for sale.

Ans: i. They had their house decorated before they put it up for sale.

ii. They didn’t put the house for sale until they’d had it decorated.

e. Turn off the electric blanket/ get into bed.

Ans: i. He turned off the electric blanket before he got into the bed.

ii. He didn’t get into the bed until he’d turned off the electric blanket.

3. Write a sentences for each pair of actions below with ‘shouldn’t … until …:

a. close your windows/ go out.

Ans: You shouldn’t go out until you have closed your windows.

b. get driving license/ drives the car.

Ans: You shouldn’t drive the car until you have got a driving license.

c. brush your teeth/ go to bed.

Ans: You shouldn’t go to bed until you have brushed your teeth.

d. test the temperature of the water/ bath the baby.

Ans: You shouldn’t bathe they baby until you have tested the temperature of the water.

e. open other’s gate/ ring the door bell.

Ans: You shouldn’t open other’s gate until you have rung the door bell.

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4. Write a sentence for each pair of actions below with shouldn’t … until …

a. pay the bill/ come out of the shop

Ans: You shouldn’t come out of the shop until you have paid the bill.

b. take off the shoes/ get in the house

Ans: You shouldn’t get in the house until you have taken off the shoes.

5. Express the following instructions in proper order as shown in the example.

Example: cross the road/ look both ways.

You should look both ways before you cross the road…

a. pay the bill/ check it

Ans: You should check the bill s before you pay it.

b. check the ticket/ get into the bus

Ans: You should check the ticket before you get into the bus.

c. bandage a wound/ clean it

Ans: You should clean the wound before you bandage it

d. buy a gift/ go to a birthday party

Ans: You should buy a gift before you go to birthday party.

e. ask for permission/ get inside the class

Ans: You should ask for permission before you get inside the class.

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