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Meaning into Words – Regrets | Grade XII

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Wishes and Regrets – Meaning Into Words
For: Class 12 | Solution of Work Book
Unit 10.2: Regrets

meaning into words

1. Express regrets for the following situations:

a. You forgot to write home to your parents.

Ans: If only I had written home to my parents.

b. You left your motor bike at the college.

Ans: If only I had taken my motorbike back home.

2. Regret doing things below. Add and if ………. sentences showing the consequences of your action and a. Then ……… Sentences, showing a further consequences.

Example: You went to the party.

Ans: I wish I hadn’t gone to the party. If I hadn’t gone, I wouldn’t have drunk, and there I wouldn’t have had that accident on the way home.

a. You didn’t unplug your television.

Ans: I wish I had unplugged my television. If I had unplugged the television, the children wouldn’t have watched, then, they would have done their homework.

b. You lost your passport.

Ans: I wish I had not lost my passport. If I had not lost it, I would not have spent to many hours looking for it and their I wouldn’t have missed my plane.

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3. Express regret for the following situations as in the example.

Example: You are suffering from sunstroke.

I wish I had sat in the shade.

a. You feel sea sick.

Ans: I wish I had travelled by airplane.

b. Your’re short of sleep.

Ans: I shouldn’t have watched late night movie.

c. Someone has just refused to marry you.

Ans: I wish I had proposed her later.

d. Your purse was stolen.

Ans: I wish I had kept it sage.

e. Your bike stopped working.

Ans: I wish I had repaired it in time.

4. Add two sentences to the remarks below:

a. with could have b. with needn’t haveExample: You didn’t tell me you could do electrical repairs.

i. You could have mended my radio for me.

ii. I needn’t have taken my radio to the shop to be repaired.

a. I wish I had known their telephone had been repaired.

Ans: I could have sent them message on time. I needn’t have gone to the public booth.

b. If only you’d told me you were ill.

Ans: I could have called a doctor. You needn’t have gone to hospital alone.

c. I didn’t realize I still had Rs.10 in my pocket.

Ans: I could have gone by bus. I needn’t have walked.

d. I didn’t know I was going to spend all that money.

Ans: I could have been economic while shopping. I needn’t have carried all money along.

e. I had no idea it would be so ward here.

Ans: I could have taken light cotton clothes. I needn’t have carried heavy sweaters and jackets.

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