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The Making of Scientists – Four Levels of Interpretation | Flax Golden Tales

The Making of Scientists – Four Levels of Interpretation | Flax-Golden Tales

Making of Scientists

The Making of Scientists – V.S. Ramachandran, India (1951-)

Literal Comprehension

The writer in this essay talks about the qualities and factors that are required to be a successful scientist. He says that curiosity, high motivation, good family background, complete freedom, and financial independence are the essential factors in science teacher and scientists. he was highly encouraged by his family, relatives and science teacher where he got fascinated in science from the age of 11.

Though he focused on science, he equally loved history, arts, anthropology, and other disciplines believing that one field is influenced and supported by another. He was very interested in neurology because he had the curiosity to know himself. The writer takes science as fun where ideas and technology play a great role. To him, science discovery remains more successful if it is carried out without any delay. He criticized modern science and its methodology for just being boring enterprise but praises the science of Greek and Victorian period.


This is a scientific essay dealing with the factors and qualities required to be a scientist. Similarly, an environment of freedom, financial independence, devotion, dedication, and keen interest help flourish scientists. Many people select a scientific career in the hope of becoming popular. However, one must have the curiosity for successful scientific achievement. Similarly, science is the most fun when it’s in its infancy.

Critical Thinking

Curiosity is the foundation of knowledge and need is the origin of the invention. In fact, a man with curiosity enjoys all kinds of things which embody fun and adventure. Similarly, the writer talks about motivation, good family background, freedom and financial independence help in flourishing the science and scientists. However, the writer talks less of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice of the man to be a scientist in the essay.


This essay has greatly influenced me, after reading this essay, I came to know the significance of curiosity, freedom, motivation, financial independence, the good family background to get successful achievement from any field in general, and to be a well-known scientist in particular. I am interested to develop a sense of curiosity so that I could enjoy every work and subject I go with.

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