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The Lunatic – Four Levels of Interactions | Flax Golden Tales

The Lunatic – Four Levels of Interactions | Flax-Golden Tales

The Lunatic - flax golden tales

The Lunatic – Laxmi Prasad Devkota, Nepal (1909-1959)

Literal Comprehension

The poem “The Lunatic” by Laxmi Prasad Devkota is his own translation of Nepali poem “Pagal”. The speaker of the poem is mad and just opposite to normally sane people. Laxmi Prasad Devkota says that he sees the sound, hears the sight and tastes the fragrance. He can touch the objects that the world denies because he works with his sixth sense. the sane people see only rose to the rose but he sees Helen in the rose. He uses such a unique language which has been neither written nor spoken. Sane persons work with their brains but he works with tries to catch the dream.

He calls rulers, are fools. The king is pauper (weak) for him. According to him, sophisticated people’s wine is blood and prostitutes are dead bodies. When he sees injustices done upon innocent people, he thinks to turn him into the volcano. When sane people don’t regard others as human beings, he becomes mad grinding thirty-two teeth. The poet is against all kinds of injustices, domination and wrong way of the ruling system. He can’t live in such a society which is ruled by fools.


The poem can be taken as a severe attract upon aristocrats of the society. The poet is trying to show injustice, domination, inhuman behavior, and all bad activities happened upon the innocent people of the society. The people who call themselves sane are spoiling the society. But the poet wants to correct all the wrong activities and prove himself as a reformer. The poet is trying to show the satire upon the sane people and high-class rulers who are leading the society to the wrong direction and looting the innocents. The poem can also be taken as a political protest poem. The poem also teaches us that the people who call themselves sane are the real mass of the society.

Critical Thinking

Although the poem is against injustice, domination, and inhuman behaviors done upon innocent people, there are some points in the poem with which I don’t agree. How can a person visualize the sound, hear the sight and taste the fragrance? Can anyone work with a sixth sense? The poet says that he uses unique language which is neither written nor spoken. Which language is that? He basks in the heat of stars. Can start give us heat? How can one minus one be one? Is it possible to see the flowers in the stone?


I am really inspired after reading the poem because this is a heart touching poem. After reading the poem, I understood what is the truth and how the innocent and honest people are dominated by so-called civilized and powerful people. Like the poet, I also decided to take the side of truth and walk on the path of truth. I also knew that we should not tolerate any injustice, domination and inhuman behaviors rather than we should revolt being the eruption of the volcano.

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