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Lok Sewa Aayog – Questions Answer | Medical

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Public Health Programme and Management


  1. All are the features of kwashiorkor except …

a. Skin changes           b. Mental alertness         c. Oedema          d. Diffuse pigmentation of skin

2. According to WHO, malnutrition is defined as:

a. Weight for age below median minus 1 started deviation

b. Weight for age below median minus 2 standard deviation

c. Height for age below median minus 2 standard deviation

d. Height for age below median minus 1 standard deviation

3. When the leprosy control was first started in Nepal?

a. 1960                b. 1963                  c. 1996                  d. 1971

4. … is not the element of communication system.

a. Communication           b. Media              c. Noise                d. Receiver

5. Bicarbonate in Jeevan Jal can be replaced by …

a. Potassium chloride           b. Sugar                c. Sod. chloride                 d. Trisod. citrate

6. Full form of DOTS is …

a. Directly observed treatment sort                             b. Direct observed treatment sort

c. Direct observed treatment short                              d. All of the above

7. For the management of diarrhoeal disease in children emphasis is laid on …

a. Treatment by village health guide                     b. Administration of antidiarrhoeal drugs by mother

c. Immunization of children                                   d. Oral rehydration therapy

8. At PHC, vaccines are stored in …

a. Cold boxes              b. Cold rooms           c. Ice lined refrigeration                d. Ice packs

9. What is the does of INH?

a. 300 mg/day            b. 300mg twice a day                      c. 400 mg/day                   d. 400 mg twice a day

10. Human body forms …

a. 3                     b. 4                         c. 5                         d. 6

11. Germ theory of disease was given by …

a. Louis Pasteur             b. Robert Koch                  c. Ronald Ross                   d. Water Red

12. Germinating seeds highly contain …

a. Vitamin A            b. Vitamin B        c. Vitamin C        d. Both b & c

13. A patient with sputum positive pulmonary TB who has taken drugs for less than 4 weeks is denied as …

a. Failure case           b. New case        c. Old case           d. Young case

14. Puperal sepsis means …

a. Infection of uterus         b. Infection of tract          c. Infection of fallopian tube       d. All of the above

15. Beriberi is caused by deficiency of …

a. Thiamine        b. Riboflavin       c. Cynacobalamin             d. Niacin

16. Which of the following do not fall under supervision?

a. Evaluation               b. Motivation                     c. Planning          d. Training

17. How many species of malaria parasites are found?

a. 2 types           b. 3 types            c. 4 types             d. 5 types

18. Which of the following is target group of immunization?

a. Below 1 yr              b. 1-3 yrs             c. 3-5 yrs              d. Above 5 yrs

19. The chief characteristics of tubercle bacillus are …

a. Can come & can’t be destroyed by heat               b. Rod shaped anaerobic

c. Rod shaped, aerobic                                              d. All of the above

20. Upper respiratory tract extends from … to …

a. Nose-oropharynx              b. Nose-pharynx              c. Nose-nasopharynx     d. Nose-laryns

21. The deficiency of vitamin A include …

a. Night blindness            b. Bitot’s spots                  c. Kerato malacia              d. All of the above

22. HIST method (high temperature and short time method) is used for …

a. Purification of water                         b. Sterilizing cotton and surgical goods

c. Pasteurization of milk                       d. All of the above

23. Child health program includes except …

a. ARI            b. Safe motherhood       c. EPI                     d. COD

24. Second long term health plan (SLTHP) in Nepal started just after … year of FLTHP?

a. 4 yrs               b. 7 yrs                 c. 10 yrs               d. 13 yrs

25. Which is the richest source of vitamin C?

a. Amla          b. Cabbage         c. Lima                  d. Orange

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26. Side effect of … drug is related to eyes.

a. INH               b. Rifampicin                      c. Streptomycin                d. Ethambutel

27. Which of the following instruction should by given to the patient while giving Rigampicin?

a. May have frequency of micturation                             b. May raise pulse & Respiration

c. Stool colour may be changed                                      d. Urine colour may be changed

28. The causative organism of Japanese encephalitis is …

a. Bacteria              b. Protozoa         c. Rickettesia                      d. Virus

29. Which of the following isn’t the dangerous symptom in pregnancy?

a. Morning sickness           b. APR                   c. High blood pressure                   d. Ectopic pregnancy

30. The shape of body of Leishmania donovani is …

a. Cylindrical               b. Rectangular                   c. Round              d. Squared

31. Litte’s area is common site for …

a. Epistaxis            b. Infection         c. Both a & b                      d. None

32. The chemical name of Tocopherol is …

a. Vitamin A             b. Vitamin C        c. Vitamin D        d. Vitamin E

33. Pasteurization milk purifies bacteria to …

a. 70-80%               b. 60-70%            c. 80-90%             d. 70-90%

34. Bleeding disorder is mainly caused due to the absence of …

a. Vitamin B             b. Vitamin B6                     c. Vitamin A                        d. Vitamin K

35. Infant means child below … of age.

a. Glycolysis           b. Glyconeogenesis         c. Glycogenesis                 d. Glycogenolysis

36. Infant means child below … of age.

a. 1 week         b. 1 month          c. 1 year               d. 2 years

37. Who is the pioneer of the Red Cross?

a. Henri Duna           b. John D. Rockefeller            c. John ford         d. Wl-10

38. Best operational indicator of the efficiency of the drug regimen in leprosy is …

a. Disability rate                                        b. Proportion of multi bacillary becoming negative of treatment

c. Prevalence rate                                      d. Relapse rate

39. Which of the following is given in mild dehydration?

a. Normal saline              b. Ringer’s lactate            c. ORS                   d. None of the above

40. Protein is the polymer of …

a. Amino acids                  b. Fatty acids                      c. Glucose           d. Glycerol

41. What is the dose of Ethambutol?

a. 5 mg/kg           b. 10 mg/kg        c. 15 mg/kg        d. 20 mg/kg

42. Who used the term “medical sociology” at first?

a. Comte             b. H. Spencer     c. HE. Freeman                 d. Mc Intire

43. Specially, sand fly can be found in …

a. Branch of trees            b. Dark corner bushes    c. Open ground                 d. Open place with poor light

44. Health education will be useful in helping people to change their view in …

a. Attitude           b. Knowledge    c. Practice            d. All of the above

45. Exflagellation of male gametocyte in mosquito takes place in …

a. Body cavity       b. Provoscis        c. Salivary glands              d. Stomach

46. Which of the following groups of vaccine belong to primary vaccination?

a. DPT, BCG, Polio, Measles             b. DPT, Measles, BCG, Cholera

c. DPT, Typhoid, TT, Polio                d. Measles, Hepatitis, Cholera

47. Most of the vaccines can be stored at a temperature range of … at the health centers.


48. Vitamin E is also known as …

a. Niacin           b. Pyridoxine                     c. Tocoferol        d. None of them

49. Worldwide major route of transmission of AIDS is …

a. Blood transfusion       b. Hetero sexual transmission     c. Mother to child             d. Needle sharing by IV drug users

50. WHO adopted the slogan “Down with blood pressure” in the year …

a. 1972           b. 1978                  c. 1982                  d. 1988

Answer Sheet

  1. b b        3. b        4. c         5. d        6. a         7. d        8. c         9. a         10. c       11. b      12. d      13. b      14. b 15. a     16. b      17. c       18. a      19. c       20. c       21. d      22. c       23. b      24. b      25. a      26. d      27. d    28. d      29. a      30. c       31. a      32. d      33. c       34. d      35. d      36. c       37. a      38. d      39. c       40. a    41. a      42. d      43. b      44. d      45. d      46. a      47. a      48. c       49. b      50. b

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