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Lok Sewa Aayog – Pharmacy Supervisor | Paper 2075-2-6

Lok Sewa Aayog – Pharmacy Supervisor | Paper

1. If there is adverse effect on health of patient due to medicine, which condition of medicine, manufacture is not bound ot pay compensation?

a. Safety
b. Efficacy
c. Quality
d. Expired Drug

2. As per drug act, 2035 of Nepal’s definition of drug covers the following except.

a. Any substance used for diagnosis
b. Any substance used for prevention
c. Any substance that affects the structure of body
d. Any substance that is used for compounding

3. National drug policy was first published in

a. 1948 AD
b. 1995 AD
c. 2000 AD
d. 1998 AD

4. What is not included in the preamble of the drug act?

a. Production
b. Advertisement
c. Safety
d. Accessibility

5. In order to regulate the profession of pharmacy, Nepal council act came into effect in the following year

a. Dec 2000
b. Jan 2001
c. Feb 2002
d. March 2003

6. Which of the following is the objective of the national health policy of Nepal 2071?

a. Provide free basic health services to the people
b. Encourage public-private partnerships in health care delivery
c. Both A and B
d. None of the above

7. All of the following are official pharmacopeia except

a. USP
b. IP
c. JP
d. Chinese pharmacopeia

8. In which year pharmacy council revised the minimum requirement for the recognization of 3-year diploma pharmacy?

a. April 2003
b. July 2005
c. June 2007
d. Sept 2009

9. Under which ministry was the department of drug administration established in 2036?

a. Health
b. Law and justice
c. Forest
d. Industry

10. In Nepal for the management of narcotic and psychotropic drugs, the drug control act was promulgated in the year.

a. 2035 BS
b. 2045 BS
c. 2057 BS
d. 2043 BS

11. What is not required in the dispensing label?

a. Name and strength of drug
b. Dose and frequency
c. Before/ after meal
d. Name of dispenser

12. In which year the first amendment of drug registration regulation 2038 was done?

a. 2058
b. 2057
c. 2045
d. 2047

13. Starch in the starting of tablet formulation is

a. Filler
b. Diluents
c. Binder
d. Disintegrant

14. Which of the following dosages form would not be recommended for a patient who has an allergy to alcohol?

a. Buccal
b. Suspension
c. Elixir
d. Syrup

15. Which product must be sterilized?

a. Ear drop
b. Nasal drop
c. Eye drop
d. Pediatric oral drops

16. The term BD in prescription means

a. Bis in die
b. Two times a day
c. Both times a day
d. None of the above

17. For prescription
2tab PO q.i.d x3days
2tab PO t.i.d x3days
3tab PO b.i.d x 2days
1tab PO b.i.d x 2days
1tab PO q.h.s x 2days
Calculate the total number of table is

a. 15
b. 30
c. 60
d. 90

18. In context of storage of drug excessive heat means a temperature above

a. 400c
b. 300c
c. 250c
d. 200c

19. Capsule is a dosages form

a. Solid
b. Semisolid
c. Liquid
d. None of above

20. You receive a prescription for amoxicillin 500mg stat, then 250mg t.i.d. x 10 days. How many 250 mg capsule will you dispense?

a. 30 capsule
b. 28 capsule
c. 32 capsule
d. None of above

21. The principle job of pharmacist in pharmacy of hospital is

a. Counselling and dispensing
b. Translating prescription
c. Counselling doctor
d. Patients diagnosis

22. A patients in her third trimester tells the nurse/ doctor I am constipated all the time which of the following should be recommended?

a. Daily enemas
b. Laxatives
c. Increase fiber intake
d. Decrease fluid intake

23. Child mortality rate means death of child below that age (perm 100 children)?

a. 1 year
b. 2 year
c. 3 Year
d. 5 year

24. Tetracycline should not be taken with

a. Milk
b. Water
c. Juice
d. Alcohol

25. Triphala churn is

a. Laxative
b. Purgative
c. Analgesic
d. Astringents

26. Saponin containing drugs are used as

a. Laxative
b. Bitter tonic
c. Expectorant
d. Pain killer

27. Alkaloid can be extracted in chloroform if aqueous solution is

a. Alkaline
b. Acidic
c. Neutral
d. Having high NaCl concentration

28. Steam distillation is a process of

a. Extraction
b. Separation
c. Reduction
d. Pulverization

29. TLC is a technique

a. Thin layer chromatography
b. Time living chromatography
c. Trimetric least count
d. None of the above

30. In UV spectrometry, moity responsible for absorption of radiation is called

a. Auxochrome
b. Beth chrome
c. Hypochrome
d. Chromophore

31. All of the following physichemical constants are useful in predicting the solubility of a drug except

a. Dielectric constant
b. pH of Solution
c. P*a of the drug
d. Valency

32. Glass cell are not used for UV spectrophotometry, because glass

a. Absorbs radiation
b. Scatters radiation
c. Surface is no smooth
d. Has no fixed composition

33. The number of gram equivalents of solute contained in one liter of solution

a. Normality
b. Molarity
c. Molality
d. All of the above

34. At the equivalence point the titration of HCl with NH3 will form a solute which is

a. Basic with pH>7
b. Acidic with pH<7
c. Acidic with pH>7
d. Netural with pH=7

35. Sample is sub set of

a. Population
b. Data
c. Set
d. Distribution

36. In column chromatography the liquid that is used to elute the material through the column is called

a. Stationary phase
b. Eluting medium
c. Mobile phase
d. Solvent

37. UFLC (ultrafst liquid chromatography) based on

a. Ultra speed
b. Quick separation
c. Thin Column
d. All of the above

38. Behaviour of solutions in dynamic equilibrium is

a. Equilibirum
b. Law of mass action
c. Ionization
d. Constant

39. The basic definition of pharmacology is

a. Effect of drug on human body
b. Impact of drug on animal
c. Study of drug structure
d. Result study of drug after medication

40. After oral administration drugs are generally absorbed best from

a. Buccal cavity
b. Stomach
c. Duodenum
d. Ileum

41. A drug class that causes natural biological action to not occur is called

a. Inhibitor
b. Prohibiter
c. Antagonist
d. Agonist

42. Which one of the following drug is CNS stimulants?

a. Acetylcholine
b. Pilocarpine
c. Adrenaline
d. Amphetamine

43. An autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks and destroys the insulin producing beta cell in the pancreases is called

a. Type 2 diabetes
b. Gestational diabetes
c. Prediabetes
d. Type 1 diabetes

44. The number of essential drugs for free distributon by government in health institution now

a. 45
b. 55
c. 65
d. 70

45. To avoid expiry of drug which system should be followed to issue drugs from store?

c. Random selection

46. A new product has arrived to your pharmacy. The storage requirements on the label read; store at 1.5 c – 3.3 c where whould be store them?

a. Room temperature
b. Referigetar
c. Freezer
d. Incubator

47. For storage of general medicines the temperature of the store should be maintained below (for hot climatic condition)

a. 15 c
b. 20 c
c. 25 c
d. 30 c

48. The major role for the selection of drugs in hospital is played by

a. Drug and therapeutic committee
b. Hospital Pharmacy
c. Ministry of health and population
d. Hospital Director

49. All of the following are the drug financing scheme except

a. Cost Recovery
b. Sharing scheme
c. Insurance
d. Individual purchase

50. Which drug will affect most and quality may deteriorate if humidity is high in the store?

a. Injection
b. Liquid Preparation
c. Ointment in aluminum tubes
d. Blister packed tablets

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