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Lok Sewa Aayog – Objective Questions Answer | Medical

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  1. When was the department of health service established?

a. 1930 AD             b. 1933 AD          c. 1935 AD           d. 1940 AD

2. Five-year health plan in Nepal was initiated in …

a. 1949 AD          b. 1950 AD          c. 1951 AD           d. 1952 AD

3. Family planning association started its activities in Nepal in

a. 1959 AD            b. 1966 AD          c. 1977 AD           d. 1989 AD

4. Which of the following is the first public health program in Nepal?

a. Dengue control programme                                         b. Leprosy control programme

c. Malaria eradication programme                                   d. TB control programme

5. Which is the objective of family planning?

a. To avoid unwanted birth and to bring about wanted births

b. To control the time at which birth occur in relation to the ages of the parents

c. To determine the numbers of the children in the family

d. All of the above

6. Family planning is necessary for …

a. Making the family happy              b. Better child health      c. Better mental health         d. All of the above

7. What do you mean by eligible couple?

a. 20-40 year married couple  b. 15-49 years unmarried couple c. 15-45 years married couple d. 15-39 years married couple

8. Family planning refers to practical that …

a. Regulated intermission between pregnancies                  b. Brings about wanted birth

c. Avoids unwanted birth                                                       d. All of the above

9. Which of the following is not the natural method of family planning?

a. Safe period                 b. Abortion         c. Breast feeding              d. Coitus interrupts

10. Oral contraceptive method for spacing between pregnancies is …

a. Oral pills            b. Diaphragm     c. IUD                    d. Condom

11. The ideal contraceptive measure for a newly married couple is …

a. Oral pills              b. Vasectomy    c. Tubectomy     d. Coitus interrups

12. Naturally family planning can be done by …

a. Minilap            b. Condom          c. Pills                    d. Coitus interrupts

13. Mechanism of action of combined oral pills is …

a. Preventing the release of ovum from ovary                             b. Preventing the implantation

c. Increase the viscosity of cervical mucus                                  d. Preventing of fertilization of ovum

14. Which of the following is being tried as the male pill?

a. Gossypol             b. DMPA              c. Quienestral                    d. Now-ethindron

15. Which of the following is not true about cu-T?

a. High expulsion rate                                             b. Low expulsion rate

c. Increased contraceptive effectiveness               d. Not effective as post coital contraceptives

16. Progesterone only pill are known as …

a. Macro pill              b. Micro pill         c. Mini pill            d. Both b and c

17. Norplant contains …

a. Levo norgestrel             b. Norgestrol     c. Estrogen          d. Norethindron

18. Which of the following method can prevent STDs and HIV AIDS?

a. Depo-Provera                b. Condom          c. Copper-T         d. Norplant

19. Which is the suitable time to take Depo-Provera first?

a. Within 5 days of menstrual period                         b. Within 7 days of menstrual period

c. After 7 days of menstrual period                            d. Anytime when she wants

20. When was Bir Hospital established?

a. 1987                b. 1988                  c. 1989                  d. 1990

21. DMPA stands for …

a. Dextro-maltose progesterone acetate                  b. Depot-maltose progesterone acetate

c. Depot-medoxy progesterone acetate                   d. Drunal-medoxy progesterone acetate

22. EPI (Expanded program on immunization) was launched by WHO in …

a. 1974            b. 1975                  c. 1987                  d. 1980

23. The usual does of DMPA is …

a. 200 mg every 3 months       b. 150 mg every 3 months            c. 250 mg every 3 months            d. 350 mg every 3 months

24. The effectiveness of oral contraceptives is reduced by …

a. Rifampicin             b. Phenobarbital              c. Levonorgestrel             d. All of the above

25. Norplant contains …

a. Norethiterone                 b. Norgestrol     c. Levonorgestrel             c. Ehinyl estradiol

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26. The total number of condoms required by a couple during whole year …

a. 12                b. 72                      c. 144                     d. 288

27. Diaphragm method of contraceptive combines with …

a. IUCD               b. Spermicide jelly           c. Condom          d. Foam tablet

28. How many quantity of Progestine and Estrogen in Nilocan White presents respectively?

a. 3 & 30 mg             b. 1.0 & 35 mg                   c. 0.5 & 35 mg                   d. 1.0 & 30 mg

29. By safe period method, the sexual intercourse should be avoided form … day of menstrual cycle.

a. 10th – 19th                b. 8th – 22nd          c. 8th – 20th           d. 14th – 22nd

30. Copper-T is the …

a. First generation IUD          b. Second generation IUD             c. Third generation IUD                 d. Fourth generation IUD

31. Which is the barrier method of family planning?

a. Physical method              b. Chemical method       c. Non of the above         d. Both a and b

32. Which of the following is chemical barrier method of family planning?

a. Panther             b. Kamal chakki                 c. Diaphragm      c. Condom

33. All are barrier contraceptives except …

a. Condom       b. Diapphragm                  c. IUDs                  d. Spermicide jelly

34. The yellow part of an egg contains …

a. Carbohydrate            b. Fat                     c. Minerals          d. Protein

35. All are complication of IUD except …

a. Increased vaginal bleeding    b. Pelvic inflammatory disease            c. Ectopic pregnancy       d. Suppression of lactation

36. Norplant is used …

a. Over penis           b. Under the skin              c. In the uterus                  d. Orally

37. … is not genetic disorder in pregnancy.

a. Advanced age       b. Ethnicity          c. Family history               d. Health disease

38. IUDs should be inserted during …

a. Menstrual period       b. 6-8 days after delivery              c. After pregnancy test negative                d. All of the above

39. Which of the following is objective of family planning?

a. To control the time at which birth occur in relation to the ages of the parent

b. To avoid unwanted births and to bring about wanted births

c. To determine the number of the children in the family

d. All of the above

40. Which is the ideal method in interval use for women greater than the 35 years?

a. Pills       b. Kamal chakki                 c. IUD                    d. Depo-Provera

41. The first health assistant (HA) institute in Nepal was started in

a. 1955       b. 1956                  c. 1957                  d. 1958

42. The failure rate of Copper-T is about …

a. 1-2%         b. 3-5%                 c. 5-10%               d. 10-15%

43. Which is not oral pills of hormonal method of family lanning?

a. Combined pill           b. Injectables     c. Mini pill            d. Post coital pill

44. The commonest side effect of women fitted with IUD is …

a. Pelvic infection      b. Backache        c. Increased vaginal bleeding      d. Uterine perforation

45. Liver can store vitamin A up to …

a. 6-9 months         b. 9-12 years      c. 12-18 years    d. 2 years

46. DPT vaccine in given against …

a. Diphtheria & tetanus                              b. Diphtheria, typhoid & polio

c. Diphtheria, typhoid & tetanus                 d. Diphtheria, tetanus & whooping cough

47. Which of the following record is kept in nutritional assessment of a baby?

a. Arm circumference           b. Height              c. Weight             d. All of the above

48. Which of the following contraceptive method is most commonly used in Nepal?

a. Depo-Provera             b. Oral pills          c. Copper-T         d. Norplant

49. Which of the following is not the family planning spacing method?

a. Hormonal method          b. Barrier method            c. Intra uterine devices  d. Male sterilization

50. Which is the symptom and sign of kala-azar?

a. Fever, haematuria, cough                                            b. Fever, difficulty to breathing, and swollen in lower limb

c. Fever, anaemia, weight less and splenomeglay          d. Headache, sore throat, fever, redness of eye

Answer sheet

  1. b   2. c  3. a   4. c   5. d    6. d    7. c    8. d   9. b   10. a  11. d   12. d  13. a   14. a   15. b    16. d  17. a   18. b  19. b      20. c   21. c   22. a    23. b   24. d   25. c    26. b   27. b   28. b  29. b    30. b   31. d  32. b  33. c   34. d   35. d  36. b      37. d  38. d   39. d    40. c    41. b  42. b    43. b    44. c   45. a   46. d   47. d    48. a  49. b  50. c

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