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Lok Sewa Aayog – Important Questions Answer | Medical

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Public Health Programme and Management


  1. The form of malaria parasite which is infective to mosquito is

a. Gametocyte           b. Merozoite      c. Sporozoite      d. Trophozoite

2. The causative agent of kala-azar is …

a. Leishmania americanus           b. Leishmania donovani           c. Leishmania panjabienis          d. Leishmania papatasi

3. “Specific protection” is a type of …prevention.

a. Primary          b. Secondary      c. Tertiary            d. None of the above

4. At first, DOTS programme was implemented in …

a. 3            b. 4                         c. 7                         d. 9

5. By the end of the tenth 5 years plan, neonatal mortality rate will reduce on …

a. 26               b. 28                      c. 30                       d. 32

6. The daily requirement of calcium in pregnancy is …

a. 500 mg            b. 1000 mg          c. 1500 mg          d. 2000 mg

7. Which of the following is chief respirator muscle?

a. Diaphargm              b. Intercostal muscle      c. Sternocleidomastoid                  d. Rectus abdomini

8. One gram carbohydrate provides …

a. 4 kcal             b. 7 kcal                c. 9 kcal                d. 10 kcal

9. TB is also known as …

a. Hansen’s disease           b. Koch’s disease              c. Slim’s disease                d. None of the above

10. Which of the following is the strategy of leprosy control?

a. Early case direction

b. Enhance awareness on the different aspects of leprosy including elimination of the disease

c. Timely cure of the registered cases

d. All of the above

11. AIDS is incurable disease because …

a. It is a viral disease     b. It kills T-lymphocyte    c. The virus goes into intracellular    d. It depress the immune system

12. No skin lesion exists in … type leprosy.

a. Tuberculoid             b. Indeterminate             c. Border line     d. Pure neuritis

13. Which of the following Insecticides is effective for the prevention of kala-azar?

a. 1-2 gm/m2 DDT            b. Amoniupi sulphates                   c. Nitrogen          d. Potassium permagnate

14. National Health policy is concerned with …

a. Water supply           b. Immunization               c. Health education         d. All of the above

15. Generally, children should be given additional nutrition after … months of his birth.

a. 4                  b. 6                   c. 8                         d. 10

16. Which of the following is the major source of fluorine in man?

a. Cheese                b. Green leafy vegetables             c. Milk                   d. Water

17. Which of the following is not the sign of ARI?

a. Difficulty in drinking         b. Pain in thoracic             c. Stomachache                d. Increase in respiration rate

18. When & where was first Japanese encephalitis epidemics seen?

a. Japan 1924           b. Nepal 1936     c. India 1947       d. Malaysia 1050

19. The well-known alma-ata conference was held in …

a. 1976              b. 1978                  c. 1980                  d. 1982

20. Micro nutrients contains all of the following except …

a. Iodine                   b. Iron                   c. Protein             d. Vitamins

21. What is the incubation period of syphilis?

a. 1-2 weeks                 b. 1-5 weeks                      c. 1-10 weeks                    d. 1-15 weeks

22. Most useful measure for finding tuberculosis cases is

a. Chest x-ray              b. Sputum culture            c. Sputum examination                  d. Tuberculosis test

23. Which of the following is the stage of malaria?

a. Cold stage            b. Hot stage        c. Wet stage       d. All of the above

24. Which of the following vaccine is of less importance in Nepal?

a. BCG                b. DPT                   c. Small pox                        d. TT

25. Widely accepted definition of health is given by …

a. UNO            b. UNICEF            c. UNDP               d. WHO

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26. Which of the following disease can not be prevented by immunization?

a. AIDS             b. Hepatitis         c. Influenza         d. Measles

27. The slogan adopted by WHO “child’s health, tomorrow’s wealth” was for the year …

a. 1980               b. 1984                  c. 1985                  d. 1987

28. Which is the main cause of drug resistance in TB?

a. Incomplete, inadequate and irregular treatment                b. Primary drug resistance

c. Secondary bacterial infection                                              d. All of the above

29. The integrated programme conducted by PHC is …

a. CDD, ARI, malaria immunization and management                             b. Health promotion programme

c. Preventive, promotive and curative programme                                  d. Both b & c

30. The energy value of human milk per 100 ml is:

a. 60 kcal              b. 70 kcal             c. 80 kcal              d. 100 kcal

31. When was first five years health plan started in Nepal?

a. 1949 AD             b. 1951 AD          c. 1955 AD           d. 1959 AD

32. For effective group discussion, the group should consist of …

a. 4-5                b. 6-20                  c. 30-50                 d. 60-75

33. When the public health day is celebrated?

a. 13th August              b. 14th August                    c. 15th August                    d. 16th August

34. Which of the following anti-tuberculosis drug may causes psychosis?

a. INH                b. Thiacetazone                c. Streptomycin                d. Rifampicin

35. When was National Health Policy adopted?

a. 2044                 b. 2046                  c. 2048                  d. 2050

36. Drugs alcohol, tobacco is … risk for pregnancy?

a. Genetic risk               b. Medical risk                   c. Psycho-social risk         d. Specific risk

37. The dependent lab investigation test for the diagnosis of syphilis is …

a. Khan test              b. VDRL test                       c. Treponema Immobilization test             d. All of the above

38. … is not a fat soluble vitamin.

a. Calciferol              b. Retinol             c. Thiamin            d. Vitamin E

39. All of the followings are malarial drugs except …

a. Chiorogoin            b. Mefloquin      c. Sulfadoxin      d. Trimethoprin

40. Antenatal care means …

a. Test done before pregnancy                                    b. Care given to mother during child birth

c. Care given to mother before child birth                  d. Care given to mother after child birth

41. Jeevan Jal contains … of glucose.

a. 10 gm             b. 15 gm               c. 20 gm               d. 25 gm

42. Earliest sensation to be affected in leprosy is …

a. Cold                   b. Heat                 c. Light touch                     d. Pain

43. Normal intrapleural pressure is …

a. Positive             b. Negative         c. Zero                  d. None

44. Who is the responsible for giving health education at health post?

a. AHW               b. ANM                c. HA                      d. All of the above

45. Window period indicates …

a. First detection of HIV in blood

b. Entry of HIV into the blood circulation & become detectable by test

c. Presence of HIV in blood but can’t be detected by test

d. None of the above

46. A sound created during normal talk is …

a. 40 db                  b. 50 db                c. 60 db                d. 70 db

47. The mode of transmission of AIDS is …

a. Vector borne             b. Sexual contact              c. Water borne                  d. All of the above

48. Which of the following term refers to new born child?

a. Baby               b. Infant               c. Neonate          d. Toddler

49. … should be observed to the patient taking INH?

a. Hepatitis             b. Peripheri neuritis        c. Hypersensitivity           d. All of the above

50. Which of the following is an authorized agency for supplying iodized salt in Nepal?

a. Nepal Red cross society    b. Nepal standard limited      c. Salt trading corporation       d. Social marketing division

Answer sheet

  1. a b        3. a         4. b        5. d        6. b        7. a         8. a         9. b        10. d      11. c       12. d      13. a      14. c 15. b     16. d      17. c       18. a      19. b      20. c       21. c       22. c       23. d      24. c       25. d      26. a      27. b  28. a      29. a      30. b      31. b      32. b      33. b      34. c       35. c       36. c       37. d      38. c       39. d      40. c    41. c      42. c       43. b      44. d      45. c       46. c       47. b      48. c       49. b      50. c

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