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Lok Sewa Aayog Exam Paper 2074 – Pharmacy Supervisor

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Lok Sewa Aayog Exam Paper 2074 – Pharmacy Supervisor

1. Dissolution test is performing for the:

a. Assay of the product

b. Identification of the product

c. Release rate study of the product

d. None of the above

2. Solution of ferric ammonium sulphate is used for the assay of:

a. Tetracycline

b. Paracetamol

c. Metronidazole

d. All of the above

3. In paper and TLC separation technique, the RF value is always:

a. Less than one

b. More than one

c. Equal to one

d. All of the above

4. Which of the following drug is used to treat giardiasis?

a. Furazolidone

b. Mepacrine

c. Metronidazole

d. All of the above

5. Bioavailability:

a. Amount of drug taken orally

b. Amount of drug that is metabolised in liver

c. fraction amount of administered drug that reaches the systemic circulation.

d. Amount of drug that excretes through kidney.

6. Pharmacokinetic of drug absorption is the science of:

a. Mechanism of drug delivery

b. Mechanism of drug absorption

c. Mechanism of drug absorption

d. None of the above

7. Tetanus antitoxin is prepared from:

a. Pig sera

b. Monkey sera

c. Horse sera

d. Human sera

8. Pharmacopeia recommended pyrogen test for sterile product by:

a. LAL test

b. Karl fisher test

c. Kzeldher method

d. Spectrophotometric method.

9. What is bin card used in store management?

a. Purchase card

b. Stock record card

c. Damage record card

d. None of the above 2

10. Distribution of medicines from drug store center is done following:

a. As per plan and schedule

b. Statics of buffer stock maintenance for emergency cases

c. First expiry first out (FEFO) system

d. All of the above

11. Which preparation should not be disposed by burning?

a. Vials

b. Ampoules

c. Aerosol canister

d. Sustained release tablet

12. Essential drug list of Nepal first published in the year:

a. 1960 AD

b. 1969 AD

c. 1986 AD

d. 1990 AD

13. Insulin injection should be stored at:

a. 0oC

b. 2-8 oC

c. Room temperature

d. None of the above

14. Inventory management of drug should maintain:

a. Safe storage of drug

b. Effective operation of drug

c. Socio-economical acceptable

d. All of the above

16. What does ‘ external lead time’ means inventory control management?

a. Time betwee material planning and material received

b. Time between goods ordered and good received

c. Time between good demand and order placed

d. None of the above

16. Which section and sub- section of National Drug Policy 1995 has enforced the prudent use of antibiotics?

a. 4.3.3

b. 5.2.2

c. 3.3.3

d. None of the above

17. Which section of Drug act 2035 exercise the power to fix price of drug ?

a. 25

b. 26

c. 27

d. 28

18. The code on manufacture of Drug defines the ‘person’ as a:

a. Marketing personnel of the industry

b. Owner of the industry

c. Pharmacist of the industry

d. All of the above

19. What minimum academic qualification should have to be the member of Nepal Pharmacy council?

a. Bachelor of pharmacy

b. Master of pharmacy

c. Doctorate in Pharmaceutical sciences

d. Pharm.D

20. Chairman of Drug Advisory Committee formed as per regulations for purpose of section of 4 of drug act 2035 is:

a. Chief drug administrator, Ministry of Health

b. Director of Department of drug administration

c. Minister of Health Ministry

d. Secretary of Ministry of Health 3

21. When National Policy Was promulgated?

a. 2035

b. 2046

c. 2051

d. None of the above

22. Selling and distribution of Narcotics and poisonous drugs are related with:

a. Section 3 of drug act

b. Section 10 of drug act 2035

c. Section 33 of drug act 2035

d. Section 40 of drug act 2035

23. Prohibition on adulteration in drugs and sale of adulterated drugs are concerned with:

a. Section 10 of drug act

b. Section 15 of drug act 2035

c. Section 29 of drug act 2035

d. Section 33 of drug act 2035

24. Drug is defined as a substance used for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease of:

a. Human beings

b. Animal

c. Birds, fishes

d. All of the above.

25. Which section of drug act 2035 is concerned with the powers of Government to prohibit manufacture, sale, distribution, storage, transportation, export, import or consumption of drugs?

a. 10 Section

b. 15 Section

c. 25 Section

d. 35 Section

26. In which year Nepal Pharmaceutical Association was established?

a. 1990 AD

b. 1980 AD

c. 1972 AD

d. 1968 AD

27. Rx symbol in a prescription means:

a. You take

b. You sell

c. You applied the medicine

d. You inject the medicine

28. Amoxycillin is very important antibiotics drug. What dosage form are generally given in children?

a. Tablet

b. Capsule

c. Dispersible tablet

d. Injection.

29. Which conception should not be included in patient counselling?

a. Drug information regarding side effects

b. Proper storage method of medicine by patient.

c. Method and technique of buying of cheap drugs only

d. How and when to take medicine

30. Dicyclomine has following adverse drug reactions except:

a. Dry mouth

b. Difficult in urination (Urine tetention)

c. Diarrhoea

d. Dilation of pupil

31. Enteric coated tablet are presented to:

a. By pass the stomach and dissolve in intestine only

b. Keep into buccal cavity

c. React in presence of water to give effervescence

d. Make medicaments available in controlled way.

32. Drug interaction can be best avoided by

a. Allowing proper spacing in between their use.

b. Using alternative drugs

c. Avoiding simultaneous use

d. All of the above

33. Gas used in aersol is called:

a. API b. Propellant

c. Liquid phase

d. None of the above.

34. Which of the following is a cause of therapeutic incompatibilities?

a. Over dose

b. Wrong dose

c. Contraindicated

d. All of the aove.

35. Large volume injection (IVF) is mainly injected:

a. Intravenous

b. Intramuscular

c. Intraperitonial

d. Subcutaneous

36. What size of hard gelatin capsule generally not used in human beings?

a. Size 00

b. Size 0

c. Size 1

d. Size 2

37. An antidote for Heavy metal poisoning is:

a. BAL

b. Sodium bicarbonate

c. Atropine

d. None of the above

38. During first aid treatment of asphyxia what should not be done among the following?

a. Abundant supply of fresh air should be made available

b. Attempt for artificial respiration

c. Undo all tight clothings

d. Give food or fluids to the patients 39. For lactating mother, the drug is generally not recommended:

a. Ampicillin

b. Amoxycillin

c. Chloramphenicol

d. B-complex

40. Which herb loses its activity more rapidly when dried in sun light?

a. Berberis

b. Digitalis

c. Curcuma longa (Turmeric)

d. Podophyllum

41. Chemically defined constituents of a herbal material utilized for control purpose are called:

a. Active pharmaceutical excipients (API)

b. Working standard

c. Excipients

d. Markers

42. What is the scientific name of Red mushroom?

a. Ganoderma lucidum

b. Foeniculum vulgarec

c. Morica olefera

d. Acorus calamus

43. Which of the following contains quinazoline alkaloids?

a. Dhatura

b. Vasaka

c. Kurchi

d. Ephedra

44. Iodometry refers to:

a. Titration with a standard solution of iodine

b. Chemical reaction of halogen compounds

c. Titration of iodine liberated in chemical reactions

d. None of the above

45. Close agreement between the results for several determinations of same sample is called:

a. Accuracy

b. Robustness

c. precision

d. None of the above

46. Microbiological assays for antibiotics are based on:

a. Amount of growth factor that supports

b. Fermentation process

c. Degree of inhibition of growth of a culture

d. None of the above

47. UV-spectrophotomteric method of analysis means:

a. Amount of radiant light absorbed by the sample at a particular wave length

b. Amount of radiant light transmitted through the sample at a particular wave length

c. Amount of radiant light emitted by the sample at a particular wave length

d. All of the above

48. Chromatographic process are used for:

a. Separation, concentration, and purification of individual component of mixture

b. Identification of materials

c. Determination of impurities

d. All of the above

49. Selective moity of molecule responsible for absorption of radiation in a given range is called:

a. Radical group

b. Functional group

c. Auxochrome d. Chromophore

50. Absorbance per unit optical path (cm) per unit concentration is called:

a. Absorptivity

b. Absorbance

c. Specific absorbance

d. None of the above

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