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Lok Sewa Aayog | Computer Operator | Objective Questions | Set 2

Computer || Lok Sewa Aayog || PSC || Objective Questions


Sample Set-2

Time: 45 minutes                                               FM: 50

Attempt all of the following questions. Each question carries equal marks.

  1. Which is not a characteristic computer?

a. Speed       b. Accuracy         c. Diligent            d. Understanding

2. Intelligent PROM stands for …

a. Programming read only memory                                           b. Programmable read only memory

c. Package read only memory                                                      d. Programmable read only memory

3. Which of the following is not a mass storage device?

a. CD-ROM                   b. RAM                 c. HDD                   d. Tape

4. In computer all calculations performed are made in …… unit

a. Control unit             b. Memory          b. Arithmetic and logical unit      c. Register

5. Which of the following memory has the shortest access time ……?

a. Cache memory          b. Register          c. Auxiliary RAM               d. External hard disk

6. Which is not system software?

a. Windows OS            b. Translator       c. Emulator         d. Excel

7. Which of the following is the acronym for electronic delay storage automatic calculator?

a. UNIVA               b. EDSAC              c. EDVAC              d. Abacus

8. Which one is the slowest access memory

a. Disk           b. RAM                 c. Cache memory             d. Register

9. The speed of laser is measured in ……

a. LPM                  b. CPS   c. DPS    d. PPM

10. MVS stands for

a. Many very large system                b. Multi value system     c. Multiple virtual storage            d. None of the above

11. Hard disk is coated with ……

a. Magnetic metallic oxide           b. Optical metallic oxide                c. Carbon layer                  d. All of the above

12. Program designed to perform specific user tasks is known as ……

a. System software         b. Application software                 c. Utility software            d. Operating system

13. A computer program that translates one program instructions at a time into machine language is called a/ an

a. Interpreter            b. CPU                  c. Compiler         d. Simulator

14. A device that operates under the control of another device is called ……

a. Stem              b. Slave                c. Simulator        d. Emulator

15. Daisy wheel printer is a type of

a. Matrix printer               b. Impact printer              c. Laser printer                  d. Manual printer

16. Computer is an …… machine

a. Electrician             b. Mechanical    c. Engineering    d. Electronic

17. The process of starting or restarting a computer system by loading system files from a secondary storage device into the computer memory is called

a. Paging              b. Booting           c. Swapping        d. Loading

18. Which is not system software?

a. Microsoft word             b. Microsoft windows    c. Device driver                 d. Hard disk recovers utility

19. If your computer reports that a file has a size of one kilobyte, then how much space it is using?

a. 8 bytes                b. 1024 bytes     c. 1048576 bytes              d. All of the above

20. Which of these is a pointing device?

a. Laser printer                b. Touch pad      c. Keyboard        d. Decimal point

21. Which is the magnetic storage device?

a. CD                b. DVD  c. Pen drive         d. None of the above

22. Which is not a input device?

a. Touch screen           b. Mouse             c. Screen              d. MIDI

23. Which of the following is not a microcomputer?

a. Desktop           b. Laptop             c. Mainframe     d. Hand held PC

24. A personal computer is a ……

a. Microcomputer              b. Terminal         c. Personal digital assistant          d. Mainframe

25. Which component are you unlikely to find as part of a motherboard?

a. ROM              b. CPU                  C. CMOS memory            d. CD-ROM

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26. A computer must be capable of doing all of these things except ……

a. Electrolyze           b. Output data   c. Process data  d. Store data

27. You could measure a microprocessor’s clock speed of recent computer in ……

a. Computer procedure unit                b. Hertz                c. Bits per second             d. Gigahertz

28. High data accuracy produced by …… computer.

a. Analog              b. Digital               c. Hybrid              d. None of the above

29. Which one of the following is the oldest storage device?

a. Paper tape         b. Magnetic tape              c. Magnetic disk                                d. Magnetic core

30. The communication port is used for ……

a. Mouse connection              b. Printer connection      c. Modem connection    d. Monitor connection

31. Modem is connected with ……

a. Parallel port             b. Serial port      c. USB   d. Com port

32. Which of the following is the low level language?

a. Assembly       b. Machine         c. Both a and b                  d. Natural language

33. Which one is removable disk?

a. Zip disk              b. Pen drive        c. Floppy disk     d. All of the above

34. The capacity of compact disk is …

a. 1000 KB            b. 250 MB           c. 640 MB            d. 2000 MB

35. Which is not hardware?

a. Keyboard                   b. Mouse             c. Printer              d. CD

36. The content of RAM can be erased by supplying electric charge?

a. PROM             b. EPROM            C. EEPROM         D. EAPROM

37. The AVACUS was originated from …

a. China            b. Korea               c. Japan                d. USA

38. SMPS stands for …

a. Switching mode power supply                                b. Switch mode power system

c. System mode power station                                     d. None of the above

39. Antivirus program falls on …… category.

a. System software                 b. Application software               c. Utility software            d. All of the above

40. Which is not a basic type of computer?

a. Super computer            b. Digital computer         c. Analog              d. Hybrid

41. Linkage between the CPU and Users is called …

a. Software            b. Hardware       c. Peripheral       d. Storage

42. The DVD is a/ an … disk.

a. Magnetic          b. Semiconductor            c. Magneto optical           d. Optical

43. Which is not direct entry input device?

a. Keyboard            b. Scanner                Barcode reader            d. OMR

44. The mnemonic code was used in …

a. 1 GL            b. 2 GL                  c. 3 GL                   d. 4 GL

45. Which will produce high graphic quality printout?

a. Laser           b. Plotter             c. Dot matrix      d. Inkjet

46. How many types of different devices that supported by USB port?

a. 40            b. 65      c. 100     d. 127

47. Which one is the component of computer system?

a. Hardware          b. Software        c. Human ware                  d. All of the above

48. What is the name for parallel communication pathway that connects different hardware components physically into computer system?

a. Cable          b. Line   c. Bus    d. Peripheral

49. Which electronic component was concerned for emerging the third generation computer?

a. Vacuum tube            b. IC       c. Transistors      d. VLSI

50. Which of the following two computers have the same architecture?

a. IMB and Macintosh                                b. IBM Compatible and apple

c. IBM and Apple/ Macintosh                   d. IBM and IBM compatible

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    Time: 45 minutes FM: 50

    Attempt all of the following questions. Each question carries equal marks.


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