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Lok Sewa Aayog | Computer Operator | Objective Questions | Set 1

Computer || Lok Sewa Aayog || PSC || Objective Questions

Sample Set-1

Time: 45 minutes                                                  FM: 50

Attempt all of the following questions. Each question carries equal marks.

  1. In which generation computer transistor is used?

a. First        b. Second            c. Third                 d. Fourth

2. Which device cannot be shared in network?

a. Floppy     b. Keyboard       c. Computer       d. Printer

3. Which port does not exist in computer?

a. USB        b. Parallel            c. COM 1/ COM2              d. None of the above

4. 1 nibble contains …… bit

a. 8 bits      b. 3 bits                c. 1 byte               d. 4 bites

5. Which device will process data?

a. RAM       b. CPU                  c. HDD                   d. None

6. Data store in ……

a. Floppy       b. Hard disk                        c.  Tape                d. All of the above

7. One nanosecond means

a. seconds              b. seconds               c.  seconds             d.  seconds

8. The decimal equivalent of binary (1011) is ……

a. 13              b. 10                      c. 11                       d. 14

9. The scanner is the …… device of computer system

a. Input         b. Output            c. Input output                  d. Processing

10. Pentium means the …… of computer.

q. ALU        b. Microprocessor           c. Monitor           d. Memory

11. What is the name is given to this First generation of Computer language?

a. Binary language         b. Machine language      c. Primary language         d. Natural language

12. Computer and Interpreter are themselves.

a. Hardware       b. Program          c. Virus                 d. None of the above

13. Which of the following is mass storage device?

a. CD-ROM        b. Hard disk        c. Tape                  d. All of the above

14. A single byte consists of ……

a. 4 bit         b. 16 bits              c. 8 bits                 d. 7 bits

15.The main basic block of a computer system consists of ……

a. Input, output, CPU and memory                      b. Input, output, storage and user

c. RAM, ROM, floppy and UPS                             d. RAM, hard disk, keyboard and monitors

16. According to the working principle computer is divided as ……

a. Analogy computer            b. Digital computer         c. Hybrid computer         d. All of the above

17. What is modem?

a. Analog and digital converter                                  b. Modulator and demodulator

c. Telephone switching                                                d. None of the above

18. 1 MB corresponds to …

a. 1024 byte                 b. 1024 terabytes            c. 1024 kilobytes              d. 1024 gigabytes

19. 1 GB corresponds to …

a. 1024 MB              b. 1024 byte                       c.  1024 TB                          d. 1024 GB

20. There are …… types of language processor

a. 1                       b. 2                         c. 3                         d. 4

21. Which of the following is an input device?

a. VDU             b. Joystick                           c. Plotter                              d. Printer

22. A translator used in low level language is …

a. Compiler           b. Interpreter                    c. Assembler                      d. All of the above

23. Which of the following is not an output device?

a. Speaker             b. Monitor                          c. Digitizer                           d. Plotter

24. Which of the following is soft copy output device?

a. Speaker         b. Monitor                          c. Digitizer                           d. Plotter

25. 253. 1 MB …… bytes.

a. 1024                 b. 1000                  c. 1024 x 1024                    d. All of the above

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26. Before booting the computer, the system files reside on ……

a. RAM        b. ROM                 c. HDD                   d. Floppy

27. The processing elements of fifth generation of computer is

a. AI              b. Organic chip                  c. Duo core                         d. Microprocessor

28. The printing quality measures in resolution and resolution measures in ……

a. DPI          b. PPM                 c. Pixel                  d. RPI

29. MO disk is ……

a. Optical disk             b. Magnetic disk               c. Semiconductor disk    d. Base on optical and magnetic technology

30. The output quality of the …… is better than

a. CRT monitor          b. LCD monitor                  c. Laptop monitor            d. None of the above

31. The …… translates the source code into machine code

a. Translator         b. Assembler                     c. Compiler                         d. Interpreter

32. Which number system uses the both number and character to represent number?

a. Binary        b. Octal                 c. Decimal            d. Hexadecimal

33. The device used in geographical mapping is

a. Bar code          b. Plotter             c. Digitizer           d. Scanner

34. The size of the first floppy disk was

a. 9 inch            b. 8 inch               c. 5 ¼ inch           d. 3 ½ inch

35. Monitor is

a. VDU          b. TV                      c. VUD                  d. None of the above

36. DDR stands for ……

a. Double data rete          b. Double density rate                    c. Density data rate         d. All of the above

37. Which is the function of ROMBIOS?

a. POST operation           b. Boot startup operation             c. Bootstrap loading        d. Both a and b

38. An input device used in bank is ……

a. POS          b. MICR                c. OMR                 d. OCR

39. The number of sector per track in high density floppy disk is

a. 9                b. 15                      c. 18                       d. 36

40. The signal converter used in most of the output devices is ……

a. Decoders            b. Modems                        c. Gates                d. Multiplexer

41. The name of the chip will be applied for dynamic and high power computing based on very lates technology

a. Microprocessor              b. Biochip                            c. Robot chip                      d. Ultra chip

42. The full form of PDA is

a. Personal digital assistant                                            b. Personal diary assistant

c. Personal data assistant                                                d. Professional data assistant

43. The quality of printer depends upon

a. Technology                   b. Price                 c. Resolution                      d. None of the above

44. Large data bus width causes

a. Transmit data faster            b. Faster computing        c. Slow execution             d. All of the above

45. The maximum capacity of 2HD – 3 ½ inch floppy disk is ……

a. 44 Mb        b. 1.44 MB          c. 1.4 MB             d. 1.4 Mb

46. The writing method in CDROM is called ……

a. Copying             b. Burning           c. Embedding     d. All of the above

47. The system date is in …… data format

a. ANSI          b. British              c. American        d. International

48. Which of the following items is most closely related to auxiliary memory?

a. Nonvolatile            b. Permanent                    c. Both a and b                  d. Temporary

49. Which of the following is not a type of ROM?

a. PROM                    b. Flash memory              c. EPROM                            d. Virtual memory

50. Which is considered as the direct entry input devices?

a. Optical scanner                   b. Mouse and digitizer                    c. Light pen         d. All of the above

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