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Introduction to Education Exam Paper 2075 – NEB Grade XI

Exam Paper 2075 – NEB Grade XI

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group A

Attempt any six questions. 6×5=30

  1. Differentiate between formal and non-formal education in any five points.
  2. What is feedback? State its four role for education system.
  3. List the elements of curriculum and describe any one element with example.
  4. Explain teaching method mentioned by Montessori.
  5. Define counsellign and explain the importance of counselling in four points.
  6. Describe about the social justice in education.
  7. Explain the importance of teacing license in Nepalese context.
  8. State the role of Parent Teacher Association (PTA) in school system of Nepal.

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Group B

Long answer questions

Attempt any two questions. 2×10=20

9. State the four functions of education and explain any one of them with example.

10. What is inclusive education? Describe the importance of inclusive education Nepalese context.

11. Mention national objectives of education stated by National Education System Plan (NESP) and describe the five reforms.

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