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Information about Computer Hardware – Tech Related

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Hardware are the physical parts of computer which can be seen found and felt. E.g. Motherboard, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Scanner etc. Hardware is classified into 4 parts which are:-

Input Unit:

Those parts of Computer which are a user to given raw data to the computer. E.g. Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner etc.

CPU (Central Processing Unit):

CPU performs all the operations, process the raw data given by user and produce information.

Memory Unit:

Memory Unit stores the information and data temporarily or permanently as per the need of user.

Output Unit:

Those parts of computer which display the information produced by CPU. E.g. Monitor, printer, speaker etc.

Expansion Slots (PCI, PCIe, AGP):

Expansion slots are an opening located inside a motherboard where additional boards can be connected.

PCI – Video Card, Network Card, Sound Card, Modem

PCIe – Video Card

AGP – Graphic Card

North Bridge (GMCH):

North bridge is an integrated circuit which communication between CPUT, AGP and memory. North bridge is directly connected to these parts.

South Bridge (ICH):

South bridge is an integrated circuit that controls hard drive, I/O device, IDE, BIOS, USB etc.

Serial Port:

I/O devices are connected in serial port.

  • Mouse
  • Printer
  • Modem

Parallel Port:

Mostly used for printer and scanner.

Super I/O:

An integrated circuit on motherboard which handles slower I/O devices.

  • Floppy drive
  • Non USB keyboard, Mouse
  • Parallel port
  • Serial port
  • Temperature sensor

Types of Motherboard

  • XT – Extended Technology
  • AT – Advance Technology
  • Baby AT
  • ATx – Advance Technology Extended

Types of Memory

  • Primary memory
  • Secondary memory

Primary Memory:

It is the memory of the computer in which CPU access directly. In primary memory files and folders are store temporary. For e.g. RAM.

Secondary Memory:

Memory in which CPU doesn’t access directly it called secondary memory those memory has higher storage capacity but slow performance. For e.g. Hard Disk Drive, Pendrive, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM.

Types of/ Function of Processor (CPU):

  • ALU – Arithmetic logical unit.
  • CU – Control unit
  • RU – Resistor unit

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