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Important Questions Answer of Physics || Grade XII

Nuclear Energy and Other Sources of Energy

Short Questions Answer

1. What are renewable sources of energy?

Ans: Those sources of energy which can be used continuously for a long time are called renewable sources of energy. Renewable sources of energy are reproduced continuously and can never be exhausted. Such renewable sources of energy are solar energy, wind energy, water energy, forests etc.

2. What is noise pollution?

Ans: A noise is any unwanted sound which produces displeasing effect in our ears. Any unwanted sound at a wrong place and at a wrong time is called a noise.

Being mechanical wave when sound strikes the air drum in our ears, it exerts mechanical pressure on them. And due to this pressure, the air drum vibrates and sensation of sound is produced. If the amplitude of vibration of the air drum exceeds it s normal value, the sound is felt to be noisy.

Such an unwanted and excess loudness of sound which produces unpleasant effect in ears is called noise pollution.

3. Why is solar energy more preferable than fossil-fuel energy? Explain.

Ans: Solar energy is the source of everlasting source of energy. It can never be ended up by continuous use. But fossil fuel energy will end up in future due to its continuous use.Using solar energy there will not be any kind of pollution but use of fossil-fuel energy can lead to several types of pollution such as air pollution, water pollution. Also solar energy can be used in different ways more conveniently than fossil fuel energy. Solar energy can be easily used in vehicles, factories, generating e.m.f., heating and cooking and many more important works.

Hence, solar energy is more preferable than fossil-fuel energy.

4. What is water pollution?

Ans: Any physical or chemical change is water which causes adverse effect in living organisms is called water pollution. According to United States Public Health Services, “the presence of any toxic substance in water that degrades the quality to constitute a hazard or impair its usefulness” is called water pollution. Water pollution occurs due to different sources such as domestic wastes, agricultural waste or product, industrial waste from manufacturing industries, stock breedings etc.

5. What is the source of energy of sun?

Ans: The source of energy of the sun is nuclear fusion. There are two sets of fusion reactions. Proton-proton reaction and carbon cycle. In both reactions, the net result is one helium nucleus with the liberation of huge amount of energy.

41H12He4 + Q

Hydrogen       Helium     Positron      Energy

nucleus           Nucleus

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