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Important questions answer of Hotel Management | Grade XII

  1. What are different type of cleaning? Explain.

Ans: Method of cleaning depends upon the types of equipment and surface standard of cleanness required. Whatever may be the method applied the aim of cleaning should be hygiene, pleasant looking, tidy and fresh.

  1. Sweeping: A brush with either a short or long handle can be used for sweeping. This method is used for sweeping .This method is used for hard and smooth floor surface cleaning. It is a quickly and easy method of cleaning .Use short smooth strokes , and sweep directly into a dust pan, Avoiding , Spreading, the dust. When using a long ­­­­–handled brush, use smooth storks and sweep away from yourself.
  2. Dry mopping : This is done with cotton mop head, which may or amay not be in preganated. Impregnation stops the dust rising. Use smooth figure-of eight strokes. Carry the mop, head upper most , verry carefully to where it may be shaken into a bag. Dry ,mopping is used instead of sweeping , because, it reduces the amount ofdust rising and then reaerrling.
  3. Damp dusting : This is prefered in man establishments to prenent airbrone bacteria and dust from spreading. Surfaces can be wiped as well as dusted remaining any dust of sticky marks at the same time . A suitable rinsed out after use otherwise it will be become amelly and spread the already collected dirt.
  4. Mopping : Amop of yarn or sponge or cotton is used as per requirement. The surface is dusted before mopping. Prepare two buckets,one with rinsing other for cleaning . Do not use excess water and dry the floor. Use correct amount of detergent. Always clean the equipments thoroughly after use and hang the mop up to dry.
  5. Scrubbing: The objective of this method is to remove dull scuffmarks and keep the hard surface ahiny and clean. Now it is possible to use machine from yourself. Rinse well to remove soap or detergent.
  6. Polishing: Apply polish sparingly. Use one cloth for applying it and other for rubbing up or buffing. Use a soft brush for carved or engraved items. Use two brushes one to get the polish into the crecices and another for its removal.

2. Explain the spring cleaning and its process.

Ans:  Spring cleaning means complete of detail cleaning. It is carried out on regular basis as per requirement. It is carried out in off season. It needs support of extra labour also. Many times it is done in annual basis and includes furnishing of the room, redecorating and repairing.

General procedure advised as following:

  • Collect tools, equipment and dusting (damage sheet)
  • Strip the bed
  • Remove loose furnishing and small articles including lamp shades and picture
  • Vacuum clean bed,
  • Remove grease made of head board with warm soapy water and ammoonia covers
  • Vacuum clean upholstery furnituer
  • Wipe and wash furniture insid and outsid
  • Change furniture covers
  • Sweep ceilling, walls, doors, windows and wardrobe
  • Was paint work
  • Dust all articles
  • Polish wood works, rline drawers and wordrobe
  • Remove soil sheet, replace loose covers
  • Dust and vacuum clean and shampoo carpet
  • Check for the details.

3  Explain the care and cleaning of metal surface.

Ans:  metal is a hard shining substance such as gold, silver, brass, cooper, iron,steel , etc. There are various types of metal used in hotel. Every tye of metal has advantage and disadvantage and they need special attention to clean. The aimple process is given below.

Aluminum : is light and soft metal. To clean this metal prepare soapy water, clean water, saucepan brush, steel wool, net cloth. Wash aluminum pots and equipments with hot soapy water using a saucepan brush, or a piece of steel wool. If it is greasy use very hot water. If there is any stains remove them by using a nylon soft brush. Then rinse thorougholy  in clean hot water and dry with the net cloth. Never use soda to clean Aluminum.

Chromium flate, Lead, Stainless steel, ad Silver: These are the most cummon metals used  a hotel. Steel is extensively used in the F&B department. It is very hard, strong and does not rust. Lead and silver are to protect from rust. Lead and silver are very soft metal and rarely used. Chromium is a white metal that is plated to protect from rust. It generally  used in bathroom taps, handles shower, etc. Equipment needed to clean these metals are warm  soapy water, warm clean waterm flannelette of net cloth, line cloth and two soft clean  dusters. Wash and clean the metal in soapy water, If dirty wash with warm water. Then rinse with clean warm water and dry with the line cloth.

Copper and Brass: are the most popular metal used because of its shining quality but they require grequent polishing. Most popular and easy method of cleaning these metal is to apply Brasso. Clean the metal by damp cloth and apply Brasso by soft cotton. If stain is strong use brush or nylon scrubber to clean. Finally clean snd wipe the surface by soft cloth.

Galvanized- iron  and Zinc: Iron is never used I quainty hotels. It has always protective coating of paint, tin, zinc, enamel, and lead. To clean and to protct this metals was it in hot sopay water. If it has any greasy spots add soda and remove stain with powered bath brick or silver sand / nylon brush. Then use a net cloth or a floor cloth according to the type of article. Finally rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with the net cloth or the floor cloth.

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